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Folk-Lore of Women

By Thomas Firminger Thiselton-Dyer


Folklore of misogny would probably be a better title for this book. Replete with Victorian stereotypes of women, this book draws on many different traditions from around the world to portray women as simultaneously the 'weaker sex' and the source of all evil. Missing or scarce here are women's voices or traditions. However, this work is an essential starting point if you want to enumerate traditional male attitudes about women.

The reverend T.F. Thiselton-Dyer (1843-1928) apparently wrote several other folkore compilations and monographs on botanical subjects.

Thanks to Eliza Fegley from for doing the proofing on this etext and donating it to sacred-texts!

Title Page
Chapter I. Woman's Characteristics
Chapter II: Woman's Beauty
Chapter III: Woman's Dress
Chapter IV: Woman's Eyes
Chapter V: Woman's Tongue
Chapter VI: Woman's Goodness
Chapter VII: Bad Women
Chapter VIII: Woman's Love
Chapter IX: Woman's Hate
Chapter X: Love Tests
Chapter XI: Woman's Secrets
Chapter XII: Red-Haired Girls
Chapter XIII: Woman's Fickleness
Chapter XIV: Local Allusions to Women
Chapter XV: Woman's Will
Chapter XVI: Women and Marriage
Chapter XVII: Women as Wives
Chapter XVIII: Young and Old Maids
Chapter XIX: Widows
Chapter XX: Woman's Curiosity
Chapter XXI: Sister Legends
Chapter XXII: Brides and their Maids
Chapter XXIII: Superstitions About Women
Chapter XXIV: Woman's Tears
Chapter XXV: Woman's Blushes
Chapter XXVI: Daughters
Chapter XXVII: My Lady's Walk