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Book of the Goddess, by Anna Livia Plurabelle, [© 2002 Anna Livia Plurabelle, All rights reserved], at


Most high, omnipotent, good Goddess,
Praise, glory and honor and benediction all, are Thine.
To Thee alone do they belong, most High,
And all beings join hands in the circle of Thy love.

Praise be to Thee, my Goddess, with all Thy creatures,
Especially to my worshipful Sister Sun,
Which lights up the day, and through her dost Thou brightness give;
And beautiful is she and radiant with splendor great;
Of Thee, most High, the very image.

Praised be my Goddess, for Sister Moon and for the stars,
In heaven Thou hast formed them clear and precious and fair.

Praised be my Goddess for Sister Atmosphere
And for the rain and air and clouds and fair and every kind of weather,
By which Thou givest to Thy creatures nourishment.
Praised be my Goddess for Sister Water,
Which is greatly helpful and humble and precious and pure.

Praised be my Goddess for Sister Fire,
By which Thou lightest up the dark.
And fair is she and Gay and mighty and strong.

Praised be my Goddess for our sister, Mother Earth,
Which sustains and keeps us
And brings forth diverse fruits with grass and flowers bright.

Praised be my Goddess for those who for Thy love forgive
And weakness bear and tribulation.
Blessed those who shall in peace endure,
For by Thee, most High, shall they be crowned.
Praised be my Goddess for our Sister Kali, the bodily death,
From which no being can flee.
Pity be on them who die unloved by the Goddess;
Blessed art those who find enlightenment in Thy most holy embrace,
For they will find the way home to Thy Summerland.

Praise ye and bless ye O Goddess, and give Her thanks,
And let all beings enjoy the nectar of Her ecstasy.

--ALP, from St. Francis.