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5. Eat mostly grains, vegetables and fruits, so that there will be enough food for all; when you eat thank the Goddess, the provider of all energy. It is not forbidden to eat animal flesh in moderation, but when you do so you must thank the animal that you eat as well.

The Goddess in her form Demeter is the spirit of the fifth principle.

Life depends on energy and choices we make about the source of that energy can nourish us or destroy us.

By eating primarily plants, we honor our foremothers who invented horticulture and agriculture, the great gift of the first civilization of the Goddess. As the population grew, it became necessary to increase the yield of the fields. Today, civilization depends on large scale agriculture which pollutes the earth and creates tasteless if standardized food. The way that animals are prepared as food in the current cycle of civilization does not, in general, treat the animals with respect. A new civilization of the Goddess will modify these practices.

The Goddess does not demand privation or avoidance of food. She loves elegant and simple meals alike, and delights in the sensuality of food.

Fasting is a spiritual practice which is used to sharpen awareness; it is not demanded of anyone at anytime. It must not be used without clear intention and in such a way that no lasting harm is done.

To bring this principle to your awareness, recite the Invocation of Demeter at meals: "Blessed Demeter, I invite you to join us in the enjoyment of this meal, and through your abundance may we be always be blessed with health, harmony and unfailing love. Blessed be."

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