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2. Treat all beings with reciprocity, for the Goddess lives in them as well as in us.

The Goddess in her form Kali is the spirit of the second principle.

Kali is the form of the Goddess who weighs you in the moment after you end your current incarnation. If your spirit weighs more than a pomegranate seed, you will be judged by her. If you are beset with jealousy, if you have hated others and caused them harm, or if you have not acquired knowledge, she will send you into the misty Bardos. The Bardos are tangled mazes of folded and cyclic paths, punctured with portals back into the realm of matter, and rebirth. If your spirit is purged of karmic burden, or Kali judges you ready, you will transcend reincarnation and pass over the infinite ocean of the Goddess, to dwell the Summerland.

Only Kali can judge us or others. If we judge others we must do so in her name, and take on the karma of that judgement as well as our own. By doing so we must strive for the wisdom of Kali.

Therefore, the balanced path is to treat others with reciprocity. If you do so, in awareness that the Goddess lives in them as well as in you, your intent, actions and effects will be free of Karmic accumulation.

This is the Invocation of Kali (sundown): "Blessed Kali, I promise to treat other beings with reciprocity, for the Goddess lives in them as in me. As you judge us, I ask for your wisdom to judge others. Give me the strength to be fair, calm and gentle. Blessed be."

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