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Book of the Goddess, by Anna Livia Plurabelle, [© 2002 Anna Livia Plurabelle, All rights reserved], at


This section of the Book of the Goddess has commentary on the principles of the Goddess, and correspondences between the principles and each of the nine key names of the Goddess.

This section also gives Invocations for each of the key Goddesses. A Invocation is a short passage which should be recited inwardly. Some of these Invocations are identified with a particular time of day or activity. Others are suggested for use in particular situations where the influence of the Goddess may be required. These can also be recited aloud, alone, with another person, or in a group, as desired. Thus the pronouns 'I/me' and 'we/us' are interchangeable in these Invocation, as required by context.

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