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Book of the Goddess, by Anna Livia Plurabelle, [© 2002 Anna Livia Plurabelle, All rights reserved], at


In the beginning the Goddess dreamed within the undifferentiated plenum.
The plenum was of multifold dimensions
It seethed with fractal bubbles which linked all scales of reality.
And she moved within and upon the face of the quantum foam,
In wholeness, in a timeless place.
The matrix of the Goddess was empty
And all universes were united all in her embrace.
There was no past and no future, no up or down.
The laws and the form of the microscopic was identical to the macroscopic.
As Above, so was Below;
There was no division into Goddess and not-Goddess.
There was only one plenum and the one Goddess
Was as the water flowing in the depths of the ocean.

And the Goddess waited for an eternity,
And then for yet another eternity,
And an eternity of eternities.
And the Goddess desired pleasure, but she found it not.
Who will bring me pleasure? she sighed.
So she split into three so that she could create pleasure and enjoyment.
And the three forms were the Nymph, the Mother and the Crone.
The Nymph is what has been,
The Mother is what is,
The Crone is what shall be.

And the three linked into a circle of life.
And their pleasure created a feedback loop.
Linked into that loop the Goddess sang her world-shattering song.
And the feedback loop ascended to the highest energy state, the orgasm.
And the Goddess saw that the orgasm was good.
And at that moment infinite possibilities
Arose out of the quantum foam and the plenum shattered.
All the multiverses came into being and the Goddess entered into them.
Time and space came into existence.
Energy and Matter came into existence.
And the multiverses began to split into a multitude of universes,
Each universe with a different history and set of physical parameters.

And the Goddess saw that the multiverses were good.
And that was the first orgasm.
When we experience orgasm we take an infinitesimal sip
Of the cup of the ecstasy of creation.

Trillions of eons passed.
The multiverses evolved and many new forms of the Goddess emerged.
Some multiverses were empty or sparse.
Some were filled with energy that could not cool.
In some time ran backwards, or sideways.
And all of the universes were pregnant with the form of new Goddesses.
And the Goddess was not yet satisfied,
As her passion knows no boundaries.
So she split into more forms, her sisters,
One for each multiverse.
And she loved all of them,
And found satisfaction for a time.
And each Goddess split into an infinite number of forms.
But after an eternity the Goddess again yearned for new lovers.

And the Goddess sang to her sisters:
We will cause these multiverses to evolve.
For diversity and the infinite combinations it produces
Will create new consciousness.
So to seed this spectrum of possibilities
She created the rainbow,
And she and her sisters embraced the rainbow
And fertilized all of the creations without ceasing,
Bringing matter into existence and causing time to flow forward.
For consciousness needs distinctions between past, present and future
And a vessel to hold it.

Each multiverse ran for trillions of eons,
And matter and energy split,
And each divided into numberless forms.
And the microscopic was distinguished from the macroscopic
And each had different but similar laws.
Particles coalesced into atoms.
Atoms coalesced into large scale structures.
Large-scale structures birthed galaxies.
And the galaxies birthed nebulae.
And the nebulae birthed stars.
Stars birthed planets and moons and comets and asteroids.
The planets cooled and water and gasses moved on the face of the planets.
On the surface of the waters,
In the voids between the stars and deep in the nebulae,
Wherever atoms linked into long chains,
There was a soup of organic molecules.
And the Goddess sang
"Let the long chains of atoms become self-replicating
And evolve into my image".
And the thunder of the Goddess's world-shattering song
Struck the surface of the waters,
And the chains started to replicate.
And that was the origin of life.

But life was not yet conscious.
So the Goddess said: I will encode a language into the soup.
The alphabet of this language will be amino acids
And the grammar will determine what form a organism will become,
And how long it will live
And all the possibilities of the organism,
For all the days of its life.
And she translated into this language her song.
And she took the dream she had dreamed in the plenum
And wrapped it around her song.
And the molecules began to evolve into more complicated forms.
And the Goddess pulled back her hand
As a wanderer after lighting a campfire.

In the beginning there were the Eukaryotes, the single-celled.

And the Eukaryotes begat the Metazoa.

And the Metazoa begat the Bilateria.

And the Bilateria begat the Deuterostomia.

And the Deuterostomia begat the Chordata. And the Chordata had backbones, and the Goddess saw that that was good. And they were the parents of the fish, the amphibians, the reptiles, the birds and the mammals. And that was the Cambrian age

And the Chordata begat the Craniata. And among the Chordata were the Agnathan fish, the first Vertebrata. And that was the Ordovician Age.

The Craniata begat the Vertebrata.

The Vertebrata begat the Gnathostomata, the jawed, and that was the Middle Devonian Age.

And the Gnathostomata begat the Teleostomi. And the Teleostomi begat the Osteichthyes. the And the Osteichthyes begat the Sarcopterygii. And the Sarcopterygii begat the Terrestrial Vertebrates. And that was the Upper Devonian. And life emerged onto land, the ancestors of the mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians.

And the Terrestrial Vertebrates begat the Tetrapoda. The Tetrapoda had four feet. And that was the Mississippian Age. The Tetrapoda were the ancestors of all reptiles, the whales, the amphibians, and the mammals.

And the Tetrapoda begat the Reptiliomorpha.

And the Reptiliomorpha begat the Amniota, the egg-bearers. And that was the origin of the Reptiles and Mammals alike.

The Amniota begat the Eupelycosauria.

And the Eupelycosauria begat the Sphenacdontia.

And the Sphenacdontia begat the Sphenacodontoidea.

And the Sphenacodontoidea begat the Therapsida.

And the Therapsida begat the Mammalia.

And the Mammalia begat the Eutheria, the placental mammals.

And the Eutheria begat the Primates.

And the Primates begat the Catarrhini.

And the Catarrhini begat the Hominidae.

And the Hominidae begat Homo Sapiens.


This is the song of the Goddess dreaming
In a timeless place;
This is the voice we hear when we strive to reach heaven,
The realm of the rainbow serpent,
The place where the Goddess walked
In that first dreamtime
In the springtime of existence
When she started the evolution of life.
For we long to reunite with the Goddess
And all her sisters, even though we know it not.


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