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Amazon and Centaur by Franz von Stuck (1912). [Public Domain Image]

The Amazons

by Guy Cadogan Rothery


With all of the oceans of ink spilled over subjects such as Atlantis, Bigfoot and UFOs, not to mention the pop culture awareness created by the Xena, Warrior Princess TV series, I find it surprising that there are so few books devoted to the Amazons. The legend of the Amazons is amazingly consistent across three continents, even though actual documentary proof seems elusive. In particular, the Athenians were most insistent about the historical reality of a nation of all-women warriors; their legends described a prehistoric conflict with the Amazons as one of their finest hours. Although later the Amazons became just another map-filling imaginary creature alongside Centaurs, Cyclops, and Giants, Greek legend gives many fine-grained details about the geography, history and anthropology of the Amazon nation. It would be most interesting to see if any of these can be verified using modern techniques.

J. B. Hare

Title Page
Chapter I: Introductory
Chapter II. The Amazons of Antiquity
Chapter III: The Amazons of Antiquity--(continued)
Chapter IV: Amazons in Far Asia
Chapter V: Modern Amazons of the Caucasus
Chapter VI: Amazons of Europe
Chapter VII: Amazons of Africa
Chapter VIII: Amazons of America
Chapter IX: The Amazon Stones
Chapter X: Conclusion