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My Trip to Mars, by William Ferguson, [1955], at

My Trip to Mars

     "Welcome to Mars."

     "We have brought you here," said Khauga, "to verify some information concerning the planet Earth, and to acquaint you with an expedition we are planning to make to the planet Earth." Khauga, I soon found out, is the chief Uniphysicist of our Solar System. Events leading up to this experience began back in 1938, on July 9th, when the illumination of my consciousness began to be manifested.

     Previous to that time I had written a little book called "Relax First," and I had been teaching relaxation. I had become adept at the art of relaxation.

     It was high noon Central Standard Time, July the 9th, 1938, I was completely relaxed on a studio lounge in my home. My general physical well being was good, I was mentally serene. I was almost 38 years old. I was born July 23,1900. I was the father of five healthy children.

     I am writing this 17 years after the experience, I know it is my duty to do so. I have hesitated for 17 years because I would not want to misinform anyone. Subsequent experiences and events in my life have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that what I am about to relate, was the most wonderful thing that could happen to a Human Being.

     For many years I sensed that a great experience would be mine if I could get enough courage to be extremely quiet and let something that seemed to be all powerful have control of my being. I had been gradually mustering sufficient courage, and on July 9, 1938, I was ready. I was determined, that come what may, I would find the answer.

     Whatever it was that was trying to get control of my being, had never dulled my mental faculties. It seemed, and was proven later, that the body, or something inherent in the body, or a body within my body, was required for whatever was to take place.

     Something very unusual took place with my being, and I am speaking now of my body, my mind, my consciousness. There was a tremendous, a very awesome, a very powerful energy that began to surge and pulsate through my being, and it continued to increase in tempo and in power, it started in the area of my solar plexus. As this energy and power increased I had the feeling that every atom of my being was being expanded, taken apart, raised to a tremendous speed.

     This was something that I had never thought of or dreamed of, but, I decided that come what may, I would still be relaxed. By relaxation, I mean when you can relax the body, or be at peace with the body, you can be at peace with your mind, and you can be at peace with your soul.

     Often I laugh about it, because at that time I thought right at that moment of greatest expansion, perhaps this is it, this is something that all of us sooner or later must pass through, the thing that is commonly called "death" the thing that I now call a "transition."

     After this energy and power had increased to its maximum heights I was carried away at a terrific speed to a distance above and beyond the mundane comprehension.

     Now, as to this energy and power that was working through me, I had become a part of it, I could see and hear, as well as feel this most powerful current of Life that was what it was, the very essence of Life Pure Intelligent Energy. I was a part of it, it was a part of me, there was no separate consciousness. I was in the consciousness of the whole, I was an infinitesimal part of it. I understood all things. there was no mystery to any part of creation, as long as I remained a part of the whole. I knew at that moment I held the key to all knowledge, I had the "Open Sesame" of life. If I could return to ordinary existence and tell everyone about all this, how wonderful it would be.

     The most important part I knew I would never forget. This was the knowledge that I would be able to utilize this Life Energy for removing all imperfections in Reality. The consciousness of which I was a part told me, "that which I was seeing, hearing and feeling would remove all manner of imperfections in Reality, and it was for everyone who could qualify." This has been accomplished in every case, with those who did qualify. The qualifications are: honest sincere application of the principles involved.

     All had taken place in the Seventh Dimension of Creation, a soul had become illuminated. After two hours (Earth time) in the Seventh Dimension, I returned to the Earth; to the third Dimension. But, I had something added, which has never left me. I had the ability to travel, a new kind of travel, interdimensional expanded travel in my Fourth Dimensional body.

     With the Pure Intelligent Energy, I can see, hear, and feel in abundance, I am free to explore all phas3s of all dimensions of existence, and I am sure in the near future of mankind's development this will be, in fact is, the natural heritage of all living, progressed souls.

     Upon my return to Earth my wife was still at work with the ironing in the dining room of our home. I rushed to tell her about the experience I had, but I found out when I approached her she didn't see me, neither did she hear me. Then I thought I will go into the living room where an old gentleman I had befriended, who was staying in my home at the time, sat listening to the radio, to see if he would recognize me. As I went into the living room I spoke to him, but there was no response. He couldn't see me nor hear me. Then I began to think, well, this was it, the big moment had come, yet I was feeling wonderful. There were a lot of things I could do and think about and understand, that I never could have understood before. So I went back in the room where I had been relaxing, thinking, as I had heard some people say in the past, that sometimes you might be out of your body, and I looked for my body, but my, body isn't there, in other words my body was right with me. I again placed myself upon the lounge and remained quiet until my being was transformed back into this three dimensional dense matter projection, and thereupon went into the dining room and told my wife about my experience.

     Again, the following week, on July 16, 1938, I had a similar experience. I was carried away to the center of all Creation. In this phase of cosmic consciousness I was told, "This is how all things are created." With this consciousness, I gazed upon the most thrilling and beautiful sight anyone could possibly see. This was my Sixth Dimensional experience.

     I was actually seeing Creation in action. If you can visualize one side of a cube containing all forms and colors, which are used in the creation of all things, in all the universes of Creation, you will have an idea of what I was permitted to see. This substance of form and color is Pure Universal Substance, the actual primal stuff, that is the body of all created things. When you look at a beautiful flower, a beautiful tree, beauty in any form, you see the created thing of what was being conceived before my view.

     Flowing through, and impregnating this pure substance of form and color were the Rays of Pure Intelligent Energy. As these Rays impregnated this passive substance, conception became a fact.

     The Father and Mother of Creation a Sphere of Pure Intelligent Energy inside a Cube of Pure Universal Substance. The rays of life emanating from the Father, impregnating the pure substance of the Mother, flowing out into every conceivable angle of all Creation.

     That which is the next evolutionary step of man actually took place with me on July 9, 1938. Since that time I had many similar experiences.

     Now there is one instance pertaining to these experiences I wish to point out as a matter of comparison. This incident occurred in September, 1940. At that time I was teaching relaxation in the Auditorium Building, which is now the Roosevelt College. Again I was relaxing, and this same energy came, the same change was taking place in my body, only this time there was something that was a little different. As I was lying on the cot I opened my eyes because in the room about me I began to hear sounds like electric shorts that you might hear at a huge power plant when a generator or high powered wire becomes short circuited, it was snapping and crackling all about me. Even though I had been more and more, and had become more and more, adept at relaxation, this was one time that I couldn't take it. Whatever was about to take place then, I had to renege. I had found by experience that when something like this occurred, that instead of continuing to let go, I could tense myself and that would stop whatever had started. On this particular date I tensed myself because I couldn't take it.

     The first unusual experience that ever took place in my life, and the subsequent experiences, lead up to the true story I am about to tell.

     The "Flying Saucer" phenomena, which has been with us since 1947, is something that most everyone has heard about. Most everyone is familiar with the phenomena, but most people disbelieve it. Most people think that someone is seeing things, even though all these things have been tracked by radar, they have been seen by people, and there have been contacts with people. All of this phenomena that has taken place most certainly designates that something unusual is taking place in the atmosphere of this planet.

     Now let's go back to January 12, 1947. If you remember, at that particular date, at that time no one had said anything about "Flying Saucers." There had been no public news reports there had been no articles written, and a name such as a "Flying Saucer" had never been heard of.

     There was an event in my life, there was an event in the life of our whole planet, something that everyone has been observing since May, 1947, which brings forth my experience which took place on January 12, 1947.

     I had relaxed in my home at 7:30 p.m. on January 12, 1947. The same preliminaries with this powerful energy took place, it was the same thing that started the time I was in the Auditorium Building in September, 1940, only this time it was all very smooth, this time I could take it, and away I went into outer space.

     When these various experiences came to me I would always just be waiting, and you might say wondering consciously, where I was going to land, and I would wait for that, and at this particular time when I landed it was on Mars. I landed in the presence of a great Celestial Being, whom I know very well now.

     This great being said to me, "We have brought you to Mars for a definite purpose, we have brought you to Mars to ask you questions concerning the observations that we have made of your planet, especially during the last two thousand years." He said, "We want to

check our observations with you as an Earth man, one who has lived during the first part of this century, and we also want to tell you things that we want you to say to the people on your Planet." The outstanding part of this situation was that I had not been conscious of the time through space, but was conscious of time as I talked with Khauga.

     I was in the most beautiful fourth Dimensional city I had ever gazed upon. I was aware of so many unusual sights, everything was extremely beautiful trees, shrubbery, and flowers were growing in the center of beautiful boulevards, in the center of beautiful city streets.

     Khauga, smiling at my amazement, said, "How do you like our city, or living spaces, as we call them. They form a great network all over the planet, your astronomers call them canals. For two thousand years we have lived in these enclosed living spaces. We have our cities and countrysides all enclosed, and maintain a constant temperature of 76 degrees. Our vegetation grows continuously. We have made our own weather. The enclosures are tremendous electro-magnetic force fields created by our Uniphysicists.

     "We have watched your work on atom expansion and because of the fact of your body atomic expansion, we were able to bring the expanded part of you, which is of course, the Real you, here.

     "In our expedition to the Earth, we intend to release large quantities of expanded elements on the surface of your planet, which will, in turn, speed up the expansion of the elements you are working with. We have waited for this time in the Earth's development to step in and help our sister Planet Earth. If your scientists will listen to the truth, and stop pursuing selfish interests, and obeying the dictates of the combines, they can have an oasis in the deserts and an abundance of every usable thing man can imagine."

     All the foregoing had transpired at the place of my arrival on Mars with Khauga.

     After this preliminary enlightenment, my host said, "I will now take you to the Central Boulevard where there is a reception committee of our Uniphysicists waiting to greet you."

     Our mode of travel was most thrilling. Instead of walking, Khauga and I levitated on our way to the reception center. As we went I curiously regarded the helmet which Khauga was wearing. I had become aware of an unusual intensity of thought and understanding about this people and planet, much more than the spoken words would cause. Any anticipated question would be answered before I could orally ask it. As I was mentally asking about the helmet, what it was for, he answered me orally to doubly confirm what my understanding of the helmet was.


     There were so many unusual sights and thoughts reaching my consciousness, it would be hard to express them in ordinary words.

     We swooped down and landed like a feather in the most beautiful city square I have ever seen, it was a combination boulevard, park, and flower 'and shrub conservatory. There were fountains and sculptured designs and statues arranged in such a way as to symbolize all the things and people into a harmonious effect.

     Khauga said to me, "This is a great event on Mars because you are the first Earth man, the first Earth creature that we have ever been able to bring to our Planet."

     If you want to know the original planet, or home planet of red heads, go to Mars. Because of Khauga's helmet, I had not noticed in particular the color of his hair, nor had I observed closely the people on the street outside the place of arrival, but when we came upon the Central Boulevard I soon observed that all the people were redheads.

     Their stature, or height, is approximately one foot shorter, the average height, than the people of the Earth. They are people who have broad features, not sharp pointed features. Their complexions are of a red tone also. These Uniphysicists were clothed in cream colored robes trimmed with gold. They all wore their hair at shoulder length.

     As we approached the committee of about 30 persons, I looked into the faces of a people of such intelligence, kindness and understanding, that I knew with absolute confidence, here was a people who would never violate anything good or natural, wherever or whatever it might be.

     Here was a whole group of very radiant people, they were all enthused, they were all smiling, they were all happy, and as this being who was escorting me said (which I could see myself),' "There is great rejoicing on Mars tonight."

     Khauga conducted me to the center of the assemblage and introduced me as the first Earth man to visit Mars in the expanded state of being, having full consciousness. He also told them of his reasons for the experiment. He told them how for years the Uniphysicists of Mars had tried to increase the vibratory rate of matter with an Earth man to the point where the expanded atoms of the body could be transported to Mars, and thereby establish communication with the Earth. He told them how, for nine years, I had been his protege, and by unconsciously inducing me to work with the expansion theory, he had caused me to apply the principle consciously to my own body, and finally success was achieved. His statements were greeted with great applause, and there was great rejoicing on Mars that night.

     The thing that had taken place was that they had eventually been able to take a human being from the Planet Earth and transport him "lock, stock and barrel" to their planet, without any loss of consciousness, and of course then eventually to transport him back, and send him back with a message that he was supposed to tell at a certain time.

     Now I will give a description of the wonderful power system used on Mars. Khauga conducted me through part of the power system, showing and explaining as we moved along. There is a material resembling sawdust that is processed from wood and is called "capra," which is saturated with water in huge vats. The Hydrogen in the water is expanded when it has been in contact with the "capra" for seventy two hours. This expansion gives off a gas that is released into turbines that convert the gas into an energy similar to a radio wave, and yet atomic or creative in its action. By the use of different instruments for its dispensing or application, heat, light, cold, or power for broadcast, are produced.

     All of the generators are made of a material much stronger and more durable than steel. No wires are used for conductance. This form of atomic energy, or true atomic energy is conducted by what the Earth scientists call the "Meson." Through expansion of the nucleus of the Hydrogen Atom, a natural conductor of the energy given off is produced.

     As the energy is broadcast, its field varies according to the expansion of the fields of power and force.

    All aeroforms tune into the field of power according to their designated expansion field. The energy enters the power induction field where it is utilized by the internal controls and passes out the discharge force field. The action of the two fields forms a cone shaped field, the size of which, at the point of correct tuning, is the same as the aeroform to which it is tuned. Fitting a cone over a saucer will give you a good illustration of the principle involved.

     For heating, lighting, temperature and weather control, the energy is piped underground to the various kinds of instruments that utilize it for the differing purposes for which the instruments were designed.

     As soon as the proper instruments are developed for utilizing the power of expanded hydrogen atoms, we will use this most natural and wonderful power on the planet Earth, as it is now used on Mars. It has been used for the past nine years on Earth as a healing power, its use in that field has been beyond all expectations.

     In the two hours Earth time that I was on Mars I had an enlightenment given to me that would equal four years of intensive study on the planet Earth, because I was functioning in four dimensions. After I had arrived on Mars, then I was given the answers to so many things I wanted to know concerning myself.

     The Martians taught me so many things in the two hours that I was there, but in particular, the one who guided me about; his name was, and is, Khauga. Khauga is, as I have said, a Celestial Being, he is the one who engineered my teleportation, he is the one who helped the Martians to accomplish what they started to do. He is, and with reference to terms, I will use the terminology that is best suited to the understanding of the people of Earth, he is what is known as the Chief Uniphysicist of our Solar System. The scientists on Mars are known as uniphysicists, they have to do, and they have an understanding of the physics of the whole universe. I am speaking of our universe; of which our galaxy, just one of the many galaxies, is one part. There are 24 created universes, and each universe is composed of many many galaxies.

     The Martians who greeted me were leaders and teachers, they are ones who have progressed, and the Martians have progressed according to the Cosmic Law that governs our particular Solar System, the same law that governs all Solar Systems. They are very outstanding people, a kindly people, with great understanding. Their phase of progression now is immortal life in the fourth dimension of existence. They no longer need to go out into three dimensional life projection and repeatedly go through the transition we call "death." They are now existing in eternal progression. As a matter of fact, if it were possible for a three dimensional Earth person to reach Mars he would not see the Reality, because his vibratory frequency in a three dimensional state of existence is not capable of seeing the Reality.

     I shall never forget the one outstanding question that was asked of me by one of the Uniphysicists, who stepped up to me, and very directly said, "Is it true, as we have observed, that people on your planet go out and kill one another in battle?" I said, "Yes, it is true, as you have observed." This radiant being said, "The very thought of such a thing to us is abhorrent."

     Now I will tell you how they took me. I will give you the techniques of it. First they took the matter of me, my body, and raised it into a four dimensional state. That is the state in vibratory rate which is the state of the next evolutionary step of man. All peoples of the Earth are going to reach that kind of an existence, that is our next evolutionary step. Now after one has been raised to four dimensions, after the matter has been raised to four dimensions, you change matter into energy.

    I am going to tell you in our language, most people are not familiar with this terminology, the thing that actually took place with me in getting to Mars was teleportation through space. Our scientists today are changing energy into matter three dimensionally; but in the particular instance of which I was a part, this matter (my projection) had been raised into a four dimensional frequency, then it had been teleported to Mars at the speed of consciousness.

     Some people ask, "How long did it take you to get to Mars?" Now the speed of consciousness is five million miles a second, and assuming that Mars was, at that time, approximately 50 million miles away from the planet Earth, it took me ten seconds to get there.

     Here is something else that fits with that. You must understand that time is consciousness. Time in four dimensions ceases to exist as we know it here, but time is consciousness. Space is the movement of consciousness. Now I am giving you information concerning things that Earth scientists have thought about and deliberated upon, and formed theories, and hypothesis for many many years, and the more they think about it the more puzzled they become. But many are gradually getting close to the answer.

     Upon my return to the planet Earth and into my home, I went into the living room where members of my family and a friend were sitting listening to a radio program. I tried to attract the attention of each one in the group but was completely ignored. I said,

"Can't you see me? Can't you hear me? I have been to Mars, I have just had a most wonderful experience." In my enthusiasm and excitement and eagerness to tell my experience I had not first allowed myself to return to three dimensions. I remembered then what was going on, so I went into the other room and layed down on the cot and transformed back into three dimensions, then went into the living room and told my story.

     Another question which would very naturally arise in the minds of people, assuming they believe my story, they ask me, "Well, do you think people will believe you?" I believe people will believe the truth when it can be explained, and particularly when the truth has to do with things that we hadn't known about, pertaining to that which we see transpiring about us every day. Then we have a check on the truth that we have been told.

     You hear many stories as to why the visitors are here from Outer Space. What is their purpose, what is it all about? What is the end product?

     The Martians told me what they were going to do, and why they were going to do it.

     Now, concerning that which I am telling you at this time, sometime from other people, other thinkers, other researchers, other investigators, maybe in the future a little bit, you will hear them verify the very things I am telling you now. I talked with Martian people who told me things that Earth people have never even suspected. It was a great enlightenment.

     The message that I must give to the people of the planet Earth came from people who are 20,000 years ahead of us in all kinds of thinking, consciousness, spiritual development, and scientific development. Here I will repeat that they have gone through the step that we are about to go through, and that is our next evolutionary step. This is part of the Cosmic Plan, it is in the plan for the planet Earth. Our Sister planets all about us are very much further progressed, according to Cosmic Plan, than the planet Earth. The Earth has been very backward, in fact, at least once in the history of this planet, I said at least once, the people destroyed themselves. God didn't destroy them, that wasn't according ,to the Cosmic Plan, but they destroyed themselves. Destruction again is not going to be permitted, the time has passed.

     The Martians know that we have been passing through a great crisis. They knew there were so many things that we must know, and that we needed assistance, and they were going to do their part, although they weren't the only ones. They had a particular part to play and they had certain things they were going to do in our atmosphere. They told me very definitely what they were going to do. They said, "We are sending an expedition to reconnoiter the planet Earth. We are going to release positive energy particles into the Earth's atmosphere. We are going to do that to counteract the negative energy particles that man himself has released."

     Man has released three different kinds of negative energy particles. He has released physical particles of energy. We are all familiar with what that is those things that go "whoosht," and there's a mushroom. Then he has released mental energy particles through his wrong thinking, through his greed and selfishness, his hate. Then spiritually he did the same thing, because, in many cases man has been regressive, he's been going backwards, he has been becoming more animalistic. But our Sister planet Mars, and other Sister planets, because they have passed the point that we will reach, decided to do something about it to help us.

     Now there was another reason they told me that they were coming to this planet. They have been here before, they have been observing us, particularly during the past two thousand years. The past two thousand years is an important time for the planet Earth, the time when the classes will be over, the graduation day for each being is getting close. Some will graduate and some will not graduate. Some will have to go through the whole thing again.

     The Martians said they were going to investigate the motives of the leaders and the teachers of the planet Earth. Whenever you think a Martian doesn't know if he is watching you or observing you, which he has a means of doing without your seeing him he knows your motive. If you are doing something for the good of your fellow man, naturally the Martian will smile, they are great people for smiling, they are one of the kindliest people I have ever been permitted to see.

     Now if you will read, many have been reading, and if you will continue to read, you will begin to assimilate the news that is passed out to you, even though you get only a tiny bit of what you should get, you are going to read between the lines, and you are going to see great changes made. You have been seeing changes among your leaders and teachers.

     Some people will say, "Well, that's good, but what are they going to do about it?" Assume that the majority of the leaders and teachers have motives that are not right, are evil, what are the Martians going to do about it. All people who have reached a point where they might call themselves human beings have reached the point of free will. They can choose what they want to do. But these Martians are very intelligent people, they know so much, and they know just how to go about these things. You might have questions about" this, questions I had, and I asked the question, "How are you going to and what are you going to do with the people themselves, how ,are you going to change the people?" They are not going to do anything to the ones who are evil. There are plenty people who do have the right motives, and you will find them in all walks of life. You will find them in every conceivable kind of a society or community. Those people can work constructively. The Martians will give those people every aid and every assistance to do whatever they should do to bring about this great love of your fellow creature here on Earth, this is the thing that must take place first before these other things take place.

     When the expedition of the Martians finally reached Earth, I was one citizen who was not frightened or agitated in the least. "Flying Saucers," "Flying Discs," sure I should know, I rode in them. They were the small craft sent out from the huge mother craft hovering 10,000 miles above the Earth's atmosphere. The apparent rain of meteors, flashes of light, and other strange things that happened at that time (1947) were the expanded elements the Martians were releasing in the Earth's atmosphere. In my laboratory at that time there was a hundred percent increase in the expansion of the water I was working with, which to me was absolute proof of the expanded elements the Martians released at the time of the visit of the "Flying Discs" to the planet Earth.

     There is a big event, a tremendous event, something we all want to participate in, I am sure, it's going to take place in the year 1956.

     Now in retrospect let's go back to Khauga. This great being who had engineered everything. I found out he was the one who had me in tow ever since July the 9th, 1938. I had often wondered, until the past few years, what special entity had been guiding my hands and consciousness in my work. Since the time of meeting personally with Khauga, it has all been made clear and concise to me. What a revelation to know that you have been working under the guidance of one of the greatest Uniphysicists in our Solar System.

     Because of the interest of the Martians in our own development, or in the Earth's development, Khauga had made it a point to use Mars as the proper place where the message they had, and the message he had, could be relayed and given to the people of the Planet Earth.

To all fellow Earthmen, I can assure you we are now in a wonderful development period in our Earth's history. We have entered the expansion phase of our development, and as a result, all things will become new and finer for the enjoyment and happiness for each and every being.

     As Khauga told me, we Earthmen as a whole have not had vision, but that phase in our development is past. Since March 7, 1947 we have entered into that era of the expansion of matter in particular. The whole universe is expanding, and our part in that expansion is inevitable,

     If we can cause man to stop thinking that that which he cannot personally conceive of is not impossible, then we will have entered into the realm of possibilities where all things man can imagine are POSSIBLE.

     So to the future of the human race on the Planet Earth, and to all of those who are progressing according to Cosmic Law, will eventuate in PEACE, JOY and HAPPINESS.

William Ferguson