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p. 214

Mr. Shaver's Lemurian Alphabet

A—Animal (used AN for short)

B—Be (to exist—often command)


D—(also used DE) Disintegrant energy; Detrimental (most important symbol in language)

E—Energy (an all concept, including motion)

F—Fecund (use FE as in female—fecund man)

G—Generate (used GEN)

H—Human (some doubt on this one)

I—Self; Ego (same as our I)

J—(see G) (same as generate)

K—Kinetic (force of motion)



N—Child; Spore; Seed (as ninny)

O—Orifice (a source concept)


Q—Quest (as question)

R—(used as AR) Horror (symbol of dangerous quantity of dis force in the object)

S—(SIS) (an important symbol of the sun)

T—(used as TE) (the most important symbol; origin of the cross symbol) Integration; Force of growth (the intake of T is cause of gravity; the force is T; tic meant science of growth; remains as credit word)


V—Vital (used as VI) (the stuff Messmer calls animal magnetism; sex appeal)


X—Conflict (crossed force lines)


Z—Zero (a quantity of energy of T neutralized by an equal quantity of D)

Some "English" Lemurian Words

ABSENT—Animal be sent (one was sent, therefore is not here)

ADDER—A der (the animal is a der. or deadly)

ARREST—Animal stops to rest (the ar syllable means is dangerously stopped)

BEGET—To cause to exist (command to generate the energy of inteorance)

BAD—Be a de (to be a destructive force)

BARD—Bar de (one who allays depressing de force, who over-joys us, decreases depression)

BIG—Be I generate (in the act of generation, as pregnant)

BILK—Be ill kinetic (to run away from ill, to dodge—K for movement)

DARK—Detrimental horrible movement (harrowing things we are apt to see "in the dark")

DECEASE—Stopped by de (disintegrated to the noint of ceasing to be—death)

DEVIATE—De vital ate (de has eaten the vital force. implicatiot. being the thing goes astray he-cause of destructive force)

p. 215

DEVIL—De vile (to be vile with de; completely destructive)

DROP—De ro power (disintegrance governs power, thus it becomes less, falls)

LADY—Lay de (allay depression; complimentary term)

MAD—Man a de (one who may de, be apt to destroy)

MEAN—Me animal (animal conscious only of self)

MORBID—More be I de (I don't want to be any more, I want to die)

NEE—Child energy (charm)

NEUTRAL—Ne you to ral (attracted by the charm of both parties)

OBSCENE—Orifice see charm (orifice meant source of life, thus the meaning is evident)

PACT—Power act (an empowered act)

PEAL—Power all (power and all combine to give a loud sound)

PRISON—Price on (to hold for ransom)

QUIT—Quest you I to (get someone else to do good)

VAN—Vital animal (the leader)

ZEAL—Zero all (foolish ardor to zeal)