The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky -- Vol. 2

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 277 THE GIANTS.


Here, again, we come into collision with Science. The latter denies, so far, that man has ever been much larger than the average of the tall and powerful men one meets with occasionally now. Dr. Henry Gregor denounces such traditions as resting upon ill-digested facts. Instances of mistaken judgments are brought forward. Thus, in 1613, in a locality called from time immemorial the "Field of Giants" in the Lower Dauphine (France, four miles from St. Romans) enormous bones were found deeply buried in the sandy soil. They were attributed to human remains, and even to Teutobochus, the Teuton chief slain by Marius. But Cuvier's later research proved them to be the fossil remains of the Dinotherium giganteum of the family of tapirs, 18 feet long. Ancient buildings are pointed to as an evidence that our earliest ancestors were not much larger than we are, the entrance doors being of no larger size then than they are now. The tallest man of antiquity known to us was the Roman Emperor Maximus, we are told, whose height was only seven and a half feet. Nevertheless, in our modern day we see every year men taller than this. The Hungarian who exhibited himself in the London Pavilion was nearly 9 feet high. In America a giant was shown 9 1/2 feet tall; the Montenegrin Danilo was 8 feet 7 inches. In Russia and Germany one often sees men in the lower classes above 7 feet. And as the ape-theorists are told by Mr. Darwin that the species of animals which result from cross breeding "always betray a tendency to revert to the original type," they ought to apply the same law to men. Had there been no giants as a rule in ancient days, there would be none now.

All this applies only to the historic period. And if the skeletons of the prehistoric ages have failed so far (which is positively denied) to prove undeniably in the opinion of science the claim here advanced, it is but a question of time. Moreover, as already stated, human stature is little changed since the last racial cycle. The Giants of old are all buried under the Oceans, and hundreds of thousands of years of constant friction by water would reduce to dust and pulverize a brazen, far more a human skeleton. But whence the testimony of well-known classical writers, of philosophers and men who, otherwise, never had the reputation for lying? Let us bear in mind, furthermore, that before the year 1847, when Boucher de Perthes forced it upon the attention of Science, almost nothing was known of fossil man, for archaeology complacently ignored his existence. Of Giants who were "in the earth in those days" of old, the Bible alone had spoken to the wise men of the West, the Zodiac being the solitary witness called upon to corroborate the statement in the persons of Atlas or Orion, whose mighty shoulders are said to support the world.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 278 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

Nevertheless, even the "Giants" have not been left without their witnesses, and one may as well examine both sides of the question. The three Sciences -- Geological, Sidereal and Scriptural (the latter in its Universal character) -- may furnish us with the needed proofs. To begin with geology; it has already confessed that the older the excavated skeletons, the larger, taller and the more powerful their structure. This is already a certain proof in hand. "All those bones" writes Frederic de Rougemont -- who, though believing too piously in Noah's ark and the Bible, is none the less a Scientific witness -- "all those skeletons found in the Departments of the Gard, in Austria, Liege, etc., etc. . . those skulls which remind all of the negro type. . . and which by reason of that type might be mistaken for animals, have all belonged to men of very high stature" . . . ("Histoire de la Terre," p. 154) The same is repeated by Lartet, an authority, who attributes a tall stature to those who were submerged in the deluge (not necessarily "Noah's") and a smaller stature to the races which lived subsequently.

As for the evidence furnished by ancient writers, we need not stop at that of Tertullian, who assures us that in his day a number of giants were found at Carthage -- for, before his testimony can be accepted, his own identity* and actual existence would have to be proven. But we may turn to the scientific journals of 1858, which spoke of a sarcophagus of giants found that year on the site of that same city. As to the ancient pagan writers -- we have the evidence of Philostratus, who speaks of a giant skeleton twenty-two cubits long, as well as of another of twelve cubits, seen by himself at Sigeus. This skeleton may perhaps not have belonged, as believed by Protesilaus, to the giant killed by Apollo at the siege of Troy; nevertheless, it was that of a giant, as well as that other one discovered by Messecrates of Stire, at Lemnos -- "horrible to behold," according to Philostratus (Heroica, p. 35). Is it possible that prejudice would carry Science so far as to class all these men as either fools or liars?

Pliny speaks of a giant in whom he thought he recognised Orion, the son of Ephialtes (Nat. Hist., vol. VII, ch. xvi.). Plutarch declares that Sertorius saw the tomb of Antaeus, the giant; and Pausanias vouches for the actual existence of the tombs of Asterius and of Geryon, or Hillus, son of Hercules -- all giants, Titans and mighty men. Finally the Abbe Pegues (cited in de Mirville's Pneumatologie) affirms in his curious work on "The Volcanoes of Greece" that "in the neighbourhood of the volcanoes of the isle of Thera, giants with enormous skulls were found laid out under colossal stones, the erection of which must have necessi-

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* There are critics who, finding no evidence about the existence of Tertullian save in the writings of Eusebius "the veracious," are inclined to doubt it.


tated everywhere the use of titanic powers, and which tradition associates in all countries with the ideas about giants, volcanoes and magic." (Page 48.)

In the same work above cited of the Abbe Pegues, the author wonders why in Bible and tradition the Gibborim, (Giants, the mighty ones) the Rephaim, or the spectres (Phantoms), the Nephilim, or the fallen ones -- (irruentes) -- are shown "as if identical, though they are all men, since the Bible calls them the primitive and the mighty ones" -- e.g., Nimrod. The "Doctrine" explains the secret. These names, which belong by right only to the four preceding races and the earliest beginning of the Fifth, allude very clearly to the first two Phantom (astral) races; to the fallen one -- the Third; and to the race of the Atlantean Giants -- the Fourth, after which "men began to decrease in stature."

Bossuet (Elevations p. 56) sees the cause of subsequent universal idolatry in the "original sin." "Ye shall be as gods," says the serpent of Genesis to Eve, thus laying the first germ of the worship of false divinities. Hence, he thinks, came idolatry, or the cult and adoration of images, of anthropomorphized or human figures. But, if it is the latter that idolatry is made to rest upon, then the two Churches, the Greek and the Latin especially, are as idolatrous and pagan as any other religion.* It is only in the Fourth Race that men, who had lost all right to be considered divine, resorted to body worship, in other words to phallicism. Till then, they had been truly gods, as pure and as divine as their progenitors, and the expression of the allegorical serpent does not, as sufficiently shown in the preceding pages, refer at all to the physiological fall of men, but to their acquiring the knowledge of good and evil, which knowledge comes to them prior to their fall. It must not be forgotten that it is only after his forced expulsion from Eden that "Adam knew Eve his wife" (Genesis iv.). It is not, however, by the dead-letter of the Hebrew Bible that we shall check the tenets of the Secret Doctrine; but point out, rather, the great similarities between the two in their esoteric meaning.

It is only after his defection from the Neo-Platonists, that Clement

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* And that, notwithstanding the formal prohibition at the great Church Council of Elyrus in A.D. 303, when it was declared that "the form of God, which is immaterial and invisible, shall not be limited by figure or shape." In 692, the council of Constantinople had similarly prohibited "to paint or represent Jesus as a lamb," as also "to bow the knee in praying, as it is the act of idolatry." But the council of Nicaea (787) brought this idolatry back, while that of Rome (883) excommunicated John, the Patriarch of Constantinople, for his showing himself a declared enemy of image worship.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 280 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

of Alexandria began to translate gigantes by serpentes, explaining that "Serpents and Giants signify Demons." (Genesis, chapter v.)*

We may be told that, before we draw parallels between our tenets and those of the Bible, we have to show better evidence of the existence of the giants of the Fourth Race than the reference to them found in Genesis. We answer, that the proofs we give are more satisfactory, at any rate they belong to a more literary and scientific evidence, than those of Noah's Deluge will ever be. Even the historical works of China are full of such reminiscences about the Fourth Race. In Shoo-King (4th part, chap. XXVII, p. 291), anyone can read in the French translation, "When the Mao-tse" ("that antediluvian and perverted race," explains the Annotator, "which had retired in the days of old to the rocky caves, and the descendants of whom are said to be still found in the neighbourhood of Canton"),**

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* Treating of the Chinese Dragon and the literature of China, Mr. Ch. Gould writes in his "Mythical Monsters" on p. 212: -- "Its mythologies, histories, religions, popular stories and proverbs, all teem with references to a mysterious being who has a physical nature and spiritual attributes. Gifted with an accepted form, which he has the supernatural power of casting off for the assumption of others, he has the power of influencing the weather, producing droughts or fertilizing rains at pleasure, of raising tempests and allaying them. Volumes could be compiled from the scattered legends which everywhere abound relating to this subject. . . . "

This "mysterious being" is the mythical Dragon, i.e., the symbol of the historical, actual Adept, the master and professor of occult sciences of old. It is stated already elsewhere, that the great "magicians" of the Fourth and Fifth Races were generally called the "Serpents" and the "Dragons" after their progenitors. All these belonged to the hierarchy of the so-called "Fiery Dragons of Wisdom," the Dhyan Chohans, answering to the Agnishwatta Pitris, the Maruts and Rudras generally, as the issue of Rudra their father, identified with the god of fire. More is said in the text. Now Clement, an initiated Neo-Platonist, knew, of course, the origin of the word "Dragon," and why the initiated Adepts were so-called, as he knew the secret of Agathodaemon, the Christ, the seven-vowelled Serpent of the Gnostics. He knew that the dogma of his new faith required the transformation of all the rivals of Jehovah, the angels supposed to have rebelled against that Elohim as the Titan-Prometheus rebelled against Zeus, the usurper of his father's kingdom; and that "Dragon" was the mystic appellation of the "Sons of Wisdom"; from this knowledge came his definition, as cruel as it was arbitrary, "Serpents and Giants signify Demons," i.e., not "Spirits," but Devils, in Church parlance.

** "What would you say to our affirmation that the Chinese -- I speak of the inland, the true Chinaman, not of the hybrid mixture between the Fourth and Fifth Races now occupying the throne, the aborigines who belong in their unallied nationality wholly to the highest and last branch of the Fourth Race -- reached their highest civilization when the Fifth had hardly appeared in Asia" (Esoteric Buddhism, p. 67). And this handful of the inland Chinese are all of a very high stature. Could the most ancient MSS. in the Lolo language (that of the aborigines of China) be got at and translated correctly, many a priceless piece of evidence would be found. But they are as rare as their language is unintelligible. So far, one or two European archaeologists only have been able to procure such priceless works.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 281 THE SEVEN VIRGIN-YOUTHS.

"according to our ancient documents, had, owing to the beguilements of Tchy-Yeoo, troubled all the earth, it became full of brigands. . . . ." The Lord Chang-ty (a king of the divine dynasty) saw that his people had lost the last vestiges of virtue. Then he commanded Tehong and Lhy (two lower Dhyan Chohans) to cut away every communication between heaven and earth. Since then, there was no more going up and down!"**

"Going up and down" means an untrammelled communication and intercourse between the two worlds. Not being in a position to give out a full and detailed history of the Third and Fourth Races, as many isolated facts concerning them as are permitted must be now collated together; especially those corroborated by direct as well as by inferential evidence found in ancient literature and history. As the "coats of skin" of men thickened, and they fell more and more into physical sin, the intercourse between physical and ethereal divine man was stopped. The veil of matter between the two planes became too dense for even the inner man to penetrate. The mysteries of Heaven and Earth, revealed to the Third Race by their celestial teachers in the days of their purity, became a great focus of light, the rays from which became necessarily weakened as they were diffused and shed upon an uncongenial, because too material soil. With the masses they degenerated into Sorcery, taking later on the shape of exoteric religions, of idolatry full of superstitions, and man-, or hero-worship. Alone a handful of primitive men -- in whom the spark of divine Wisdom burnt bright, and only strengthened in its intensity as it got dimmer and dimmer with every age in those who turned it to bad purposes -- remained the elect custodians of the Mysteries revealed to mankind by the divine Teachers. There were those among them, who remained in their Kumaric condition from the beginning; and tradition whispers, what the secret teachings affirm, namely, that these Elect were the germ of a Hierarchy which never died since that period: --

"The inner man of the first * * * only changes his body from time to time; he is ever the same, knowing neither rest nor Nirvana, spurning Devachan and remaining constantly on Earth for the salvation of mankind. . . . . ." "Out of the seven virgin-men (Kumara**) four sacrificed themselves for the sins of the world and the instruction of

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* Remember the same statement in the Book of Enoch, as also the ladder seen by Jacob in his dream. The "two worlds" mean of course the "two planes of Consciousness and Being." A seer can commune with beings of a higher plane than the earth, without quitting his arm-chair.

** Vide supra the Commentary on the Four Races -- and on the "Sons of Will and Yoga," the immaculate progeny of the Androgynous Third Race.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 282 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

the ignorant, to remain till the end of the present Manvantara. Though unseen, they are ever present. When people say of one of them, "He is dead"; behold, he is alive and under another form. These are the Head, the Heart, the Soul, and the Seed of undying knowledge (Gnyana). Thou shalt never speak, O Lanoo, of these great ones (Maha . . .) before a multitude, mentioning them by their names. The wise alone will understand." . . . * (Catechism of the inner Schools.)

It is these sacred "Four" who have been allegorized and symbolized in the "Linga Purana," which states that Vamadeva (Siva) as Kumara is reborn in each Kalpa (Race in this instance), as four youths -- four, white; four, red; four, yellow; and four, dark or brown. Let us remember that Siva is pre-eminently and chiefly an ascetic, the patron of all Yogis and Adepts, and the allegory will become quite comprehensible. It is the spirit of Divine Wisdom and chaste asceticism itself which incarnates in these Elect. It is only after getting married and being dragged by the gods from his terrible ascetic life, that Rudra becomes Siva, a god, and not one of a very virtuous or merciful type, in the Hindu Pantheon. Higher than the "Four" is only ONE on Earth as in Heavens -- that still more mysterious and solitary Being described in Book I.

We have now to examine the nature of the "Sons of the Flame" and of "Dark Wisdom," as well as the pros and cons of the Satanic assumption.

Such broken sentences as could be made out from the fragments on the tile, which George Smith calls "the Curse after the Fall" (see p. 81 of his "Chaldean Account of Genesis"), are of course allegorical; yet they corroborate that which is taught of the true nature of the fall of the angels in our Books. Thus, it is said in line 12 that the "Lord of the earth his name called out, the father Elu" (Elohim), and pronounced his curse, which "The God Hea heard, and his liver was angry, because his man (Angelic man) had corrupted his purity (14 and 15)," for which Hea expresses the desire that " 'Wisdom and knowledge' hostilely may they injure him (man)."

The latter sentence points to the direct connection of the Chaldean with the Genetic account. While Hea tries to bring to nought the wisdom and knowledge gained by man, through his newly-acquired intellectual and conscious capacity of creating in his turn (thus taking the monopoly of creation out of the hands of God (the Gods)), the Elohim do the same in the third chapter of Genesis. Therefore the Elohim sent him out of Eden.

But this was of no avail. For the spirit of divine Wisdom being

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* In the Kabala the pronunciation of the four-lettered ineffable name is "a most secret arcanum" --- "a secret of secrets."

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 283 THE SERPENT OF ETERNITY.

upon and in man -- verily the Serpent of Eternity and all Knowledge, that Manasic spirit, which made him learn the secret of creation on the Kriyasaktic, and of procreation on the earthly planes -- led him as naturally to discover his way to immortality, notwithstanding the jealousy of all the Gods.

The early Atlanto-Lemurians are charged with taking unto themselves (divine incarnations) wives of a lower race, namely, the race of the hitherto mindless men. Every ancient Scripture has the same, more or less disfigured legend. Primarily, the angelic Fall, which has transformed the "first-born" of God into the Asuras, or into the Ahriman and Typhon of the "pagans" (i.e., if the accounts given in the Book of Enoch,* and in Hermes, in Puranas and Bible are taken literally), when read esoterically means simply this: --

Sentences such as: "In his (Satan's) ambition he raises his hand against the Sanctuary of the God of Heaven" etc., ought to read: "Prompted by the law of eternal evolution and Karma, the angel incarnated on earth in man; and as his Wisdom and Knowledge are still divine, although his body is earthly, he is (allegorically) accused of divulging the mysteries of Heaven." He combines and uses the two for purposes of human, instead of super-human, procreation. Henceforth, "man will beget, not create."** But as, by so doing, he has to use

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* Returning once more to the most important subject in the archaic Cosmogony, it may be said that even in the Norse legends, in the Sacred Scrolls of the goddess Saga, we find Loki, the brother by blood of Odin (as Typhon, Ahriman, and others are brothers of Osiris and Ormazd), becoming evil only later, when he has mixed too long with humanity. Like all other fire or light gods -- fire burning and destroying as well as warming and giving life -- he ended by being accepted in the destructive sense of "fire." The name Loki, we learn ("Asgard and the Gods," p. 250), has been derived from the old word "liechan," to enlighten. It has, therefore, the same origin as the Latin "lux, light." Hence Loki is identical with Lucifer (light-bringer). This title, given to the Prince of Darkness, is very suggestive and is a vindication in itself against theological slander. But Loki is still more closely related to Prometheus, as he is shown chained to a sharp rock, while Lucifer, identified with Satan, was chained down in hell; a circumstance, however, which prevented neither of them from acting in all freedom on Earth, if we accept the theological paradox in its fulness. Loki is a beneficent, generous and powerful god in the beginning of times, and the principle of good, not of evil, in early Scandinavian theogony.

** The Greek mythos just alluded to a few pages back, namely the mutilation of Uranos by his son Kronos in the Greek theogony, is an allusion to this theft by the Son of the Earth and Heavens of the divine creative fire. If Uranos, the personification of the celestial Powers, has to stop creating (he is made impotent by Kronos, the god in time) so, in the Egyptian Cosmogony it is Thot, the god of Wisdom, who regulates this fight between Horus and Set, the latter being served by the former as Uranos is by Kronos (see "Book of the Dead" ch. XVII. V. 26). In the Babylonian account it is the god Zu, who strips "the father of the gods" of umsimi -- the ideal creative organ not the crown (!) as G. Smith thought (see pp. 115 and 116 Chaldean Account). For, in the fragment K. 3454 (British Museum) it is said very clearly, that Zu having stripped the "venerable [[Footnote continued on next page]]

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 284 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

his weak body as the means of procreation, that body will pay the penalty for this wisdom, carried from heaven down to the earth; hence the corruption of physical purity will become a temporary curse.

The mediaeval Kabalists knew this well, since one of them did not fear to write: "The Kabala was first taught by God himself to a select Company of Angels who formed a theosophic school in Paradise. After the FALL the Angels most graciously communicated this heavenly doctrine to the disobedient child of Earth, to furnish the protoplasts with the means of returning to their pristine nobility and felicity" (Quoted by Christian Ginsburg from the Kabala). This shows how the event -- of the Sons of God, marrying and imparting the divine Secrets of Heaven to the daughters of men -- allegorically told by Enoch and in the sixth chapter of Genesis was interpreted by the Christian Kabalists. The whole of this period may be regarded as the pre-human period, that of divine man, or as plastic Protestant theology now has it -- the pre-adamite period. But even Genesis begins its real history (chap. vi.) by the giants of "those days" and the "Sons of god" marrying and teaching their wives -- the daughters of man.

This period is the one described in the Puranas; and relating as it does to days lost in archaic ages, hence pre-historic, how can any anthropologist feel certain whether the mankind of that period was or was not as he knows it now? The whole personnel of the Brahmanas and Puranas -- the Rishis, Prajapatis, Manus, their wives and progeny -- belong to that pre-human period. All these are the Seed of Humanity, so to speak. It is around these "Sons of God," the "Mind born" astral children of Brahma, that our physical frames have grown and developed to what they are now. For, the Puranic histories of all those men are those of our Monads, in their various and numberless incarnations on this and other spheres, events perceived by the "Siva eye" of the ancient Seers, (the "third eye" of our Stanzas) and described allegorically. Later on, they were disfigured for Sectarian purposes; mutilated, but still left with a considerable ground-work of truth in them. Nor is the philosophy less profound in such allegories for being so thickly veiled by the overgrowth of fancy.

But with the Fourth Race we reach the purely human period. Those who were hitherto semi-divine Beings, self-imprisoned in bodies which were human only in appearance, became physiologically changed and took unto themselves wives who were entirely human and fair to look

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[[Footnote continued from previous page]] of Heaven" of his desire, he carried away the umsimi of the gods, and burnt thereby the teroti (the power) of all the other gods, thus "governing the seed of all the angels" (15). As the umsimi was on the seat of Bel, it could hardly be the "crown." A fourth version is in the Bible. Ham is the Chaldean Zu, and both are cursed for the same allegorically described crime.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 285 THE TIBETAN LILITH.

at, but in whom lower, more material, though sidereal, beings had incarnated. These beings in female forms (Lilith is the prototype of these in the Jewish traditions) are called in the esoteric accounts "Khado" (Dakini, in Sanskrit). Allegorical legends call the chief of these Liliths, Sangye Khado, (Buddha Dakini, in Sanskrit); all are credited with the art of "walking in the air," and the greatest kindness to mortals; but no mind -- only animal instinct.*

(c) This is the beginning of a worship which, ages later, was doomed to degenerate into phallicism and sexual worship. It began by the worship of the human body -- that "miracle of miracles," as an English author calls it -- and ended by that of its respective sexes. The worshippers were giants in stature; but they were giants in knowledge and learning, though it came to them more easily than it does to the men of our modern times. Their Science was innate in them. The Lemuro-Atlantean had no need of discovering and fixing in his memory that which his informing PRINCIPLE knew at the moment of its incarnation. Time alone, and the ever-growing obtuseness of the matter in which the Principles had clothed themselves, could, the one, weaken the memory of their pre-natal knowledge, the other, blunt and even extinguish every spark of the spiritual and divine in them. Therefore had they, from the first, fallen victims to their animal natures and bred "monsters" -- i.e., men of distinct varieties from themselves.

Speaking of the Giants, Creuzer describes them well in saying that:--

"Those children of Heaven and Earth were endowed at their birth by the Sovereign Powers, the authors of their being, with extraordinary faculties both moral and physical. They commanded the Elements, knew the secrets of heaven and the earth, of the sea and the whole world, and read futurity in the stars. . . . It seems, indeed, as though one has to deal, when reading of them, not with men as we are but with Spirits of the Elements sprung from the bosom of Nature and having full sway over her. . . . All these beings are marked with a character of MAGIC and SORCERY. . . . "

And so they were, those (now) legendary heroes of the pre-historic, still, once really existing races. Creuzer was wise in his generation, for he did not charge with deliberate deceit, or dullness and superstition, an endless series of recognized philosophers, who mention these races and assert that, even in their own time, they saw their fossils. There were sceptics in days of old -- no fewer and as great as they are now. But even a Lucian, a Democritus and an Epicurus yielded to the evidence of facts and showed the discriminative capacity of really

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* These are the beings whose legendary existence has served as a ground-work upon which to build the rabbinical Lilith, and what the believers in the Bible would term the antediluvian women, and the Kabalists the pre-Adamite races. They are no fiction -- this is certain, however fantastic the exuberance of later growth.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 286 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

great intellects, which can distinguish fiction from fact, and truth from exaggeration and fraud. Ancient writers were no more fools than our modern wise men are; for, as well remarked by the author of some "Notes on Aristotle's Psychology in Relation to Modern Thought" (in Mind):--

"The common division of history into ancient and modern is . . . . misleading. The Greeks in the 4th century, B.C. were in many respects moderns especially, we may add, in their scepticism. They were not very likely to accept fables so easily . . . . ."

Yet the "Lemurians" and the Atlanteans, "those children of Heaven and Earth," were indeed marked with a character of SORCERY; for the Esoteric doctrine charges them precisely with that, which, if believed, would put an end to the difficulties of science with regard to the origin of man, or rather, his anatomical similarities to the Anthropoid Ape. It accuses them of having committed the (to us) abominable crime of breeding with so-called "animals," and thus producing a truly pithecoid species, now extinct. Of course, as in the question of spontaneous generation -- in which Esoteric Science believes, and which it teaches -- the possibility of such a cross-breed between man and an animal of any kind will be denied. But apart from the consideration that in those early days, as already remarked, neither the human Atlantean giants, nor yet the "animals," were the physiologically perfect men and mammalians that are now known to us, the modern notions upon this subject -- those of the physiologists included -- are too uncertain and fluctuating to permit them an absolute denial a priori of such a fact.

A careful perusal of the Commentaries would make one think that the Being that the new "incarnate" bred with, was called an "animal," not because he was no human being, but rather because he was so dissimilar physically and mentally to the more perfect races, which had developed physiologically at an earlier period. Remember Stanza VII. and what is said in its first verse (24th): -- that when the "Sons of Wisdom" came to incarnate the first time, some of them incarnated fully, others projected into the forms only a spark, while some of the shadows were left over from being filled and perfected, till the Fourth Race. Those races, then, which "remained destitute of knowledge," or those again which were left "mindless," remained as they were, even after the natural separation of the sexes. It is these who committed the first cross-breeding, so to speak, and bred monsters; and it is from the descendants of these that the Atlanteans chose their wives. Adam and Eve were supposed, with Cain and Abel, to be the only human family on Earth. Yet we see Cain going to the land of Nod and taking there a wife. Evidently one race only was supposed perfect enough to be called human; and, even in our own day, while the Singhalese

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 287 THE RACES OF MEN NOT ALL HUMAN.

regard the Veddhas of their jungles as speaking animals and no more, some British people believe firmly, in their arrogance, that every other human family -- especially the dark Indians -- is an inferior race. Moreover there are naturalists who have sincerely considered the problem whether some savage tribes -- like the Bushmen for instance -- can be regarded as men at all. The Commentary says, in describing that species (or race) of animals "fair to look at" as a biped: -- "Having human shape, but having the lower extremities, from the waist down, covered with hair." Hence the race of the satyrs, perhaps.

If men existed two million years ago, they must have been -- just as the animals were -- quite different physically and anatomically from what they have become; and they were nearer then to the type of pure mammalian animal than they are now. Anyhow, we learn that the animal world breeds strictly inter se, i.e., in accordance with genus and species -- only since the appearance on this earth of the Atlantean race. As demonstrated by the author of that able work, "Modern Science and Modern Thought," this idea of the refusal to breed with another species, or that sterility is the only result of such breeding, "appears to be a prima facie deduction rather than an absolute law" even now. He shows that "different species, do, in fact, often breed together, as may be seen in the familiar instance of the horse and ass. It is true that in this case the mule is sterile. . . . but this rule is not universal, and recently one new hybrid race, that of the leporine, or hare-rabbit, has been created which is perfectly fertile." The progeny of wolf and dog is also instanced, as that of several other domestic animals (p. 101); "like foxes and dogs again, and the modern Swiss cattle shown by Rutimeyer as descended from three distinct species of fossil-oxen, the Bos primigenius, Bos longifrons and Bos frontosus." Yet some of those species, as the ape family, which so clearly resembles man in physical structure, contain, we are told, "numerous branches, which graduate into one another, but the extremes of which differ more widely than man does from the highest of the ape series" -- the gorilla and chimpanzee, for instance (see Addenda).

Thus Mr. Darwin's remark -- or shall we say the remark of Linnaeus? -- natura non facit saltum, is not only corroborated by Esoteric Science but would -- were there any chance of the real doctrine being accepted by any others than its direct votaries -- reconcile in more than one way, if not entirely, the modern Evolution theory with facts, as also with the absolute failure of the Anthropologists to meet with the "missing link" in our Fourth Round geological formations.

We will show elsewhere that, however unconsciously to itself, modern Science pleads our case upon its own admissions, and that de Quatrefages is perfectly right, when he suggests in his last work, that it is far more likely that the anthropoid ape should be discovered to be

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 288 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

the descendant of man, than that these two types should have a common, fantastic and nowhere-to-be-found ancestor. Thus the wisdom of the compilers of the old Stanzas is vindicated by at least one eminent man of Science, and the Occultist prefers to believe as he ever did that --

"Man was the first and highest (mammalian) animal that appeared in this (Fourth Round) creation. Then came still huger animals; and last of all the dumb man who walks on all fours." For, "the Rakshasas (giant-demons) and Daityas (Titans) of the "White Dwipa" (continent) spoiled his (the dumb man's) Sires." (Commentary.)

Furthermore, as we see, there are anthropologists who have traced man back to an epoch which goes far to break down the apparent barrier that exists between the chronologies of modern science and the Archaic Doctrine. It is true that English scientists generally have declined to commit themselves to the sanction of the hypothesis of even a Tertiary Man. They, each and all, measure the antiquity of Homo primigenius by their own lights and prejudices. Huxley, indeed, ventures to speculate on a possible Pliocene or Miocene Man. Prof. Seeman and Mr. Grant Allen have relegated his advent to the Eocene, but, speaking generally, English scientists consider that we cannot safely go beyond the quaternary. Unfortunately, the facts do not accommodate the too cautious reserve of these latter. The French school of anthropology, basing their views on the discoveries of l'Abbe Bourgeois, Capellini, and others, has accepted, almost without exception, the doctrine that the traces of our ancestors are certainly to be found in the Miocene, while M. de Quatrefages now inclines to postulate a Secondary-Age Man. Further on we shall compare such estimates with the figures given in the Brahminical exoteric books which approximate to the esoteric teaching.

(d) . . . . Then, "the third eye acted no longer," says the Stanza, because MAN had sunk too deep into the mire of matter.

What is the meaning of this strange and weird statement in Verse 42, concerning the "third eye of the Third Race which had died and acted no longer"?

A few more occult teachings must now be given with reference to this point as well as some others. The history of the Third and Fourth Races must be amplified, in order that it may throw some more light on the development of our present humanity; and show how the faculties, called into activity by occult training, restore man to the position he previously occupied in reference to spiritual perception and consciousness. But the phenomenon of the third Eye has to be first explained.


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