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YANG CHU said:

   "There are four things which do not allow people to rest:

   "Long life. Reputation. Rank. Riches.

   "Those who have them fear ghosts, fear men, power, and punishment. They are always fugitives. Whether they are killed or live they regulate their lives by externals.

   "Those who do not set their destiny at defiance do not desire a long life, and those who are not fond of honour do not desire reputation.

   "Those who do not want power desire no rank.

   "Those who are not avaricious have no desire for riches.

   "Of this sort of men it may be truthfully said p. 62 that they live in accordance with their nature. In the whole world they have no equal.

   "They regulate their life by inward things.

   "There is an old proverb which says:

   "Without marriage and an official career a man would be free from half of his yearnings.

   "If men could do without clothes and food there would be no more kings or subjects."