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p. 288


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3.The hosts of Heaven and Earth declare the wonder and the glory of the Tao.
4.The earth and all physical phenomena are indications of the operations of the Tao.
5.The seasons and the divisions of time are phenomena indicative of the directing power of the Tao.
6.A survey of the invisible and profound changes that happen will reveal original causes which are indicative of the Tao.
9.When the rule of the emperor conforms to the principles of the Tao, there will be effective results.
10.Names savour of locality, and each folklore has a nature of its own. To reduce all to a common denomination, for unification, must be done by a unification of the heart first.
11.The nomenclature of things throw some light on their origin. In investigating these we are seeking for the truth.
14.The whole creation is symbolic of the Tao.
16.The majesty of the mountain symbolizes the accumulation of the truth of the Tao.
17.The Tao is the origin of the myriad things; their unity is like to the congregation of the trees of the forest.
18.An analysis of human history reveals the losses and gains following on the neglect or pursuit of the Tao.
20.In the myriad forms of creation a pure unity is manifested everywhere.
21.A summary of the contents and a commentary on the 3rd essay.