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When about to inhale it is certainly necessary to open the mouth; when about to weaken it is certainly necessary to strengthen; when about to discard it is certainly necessary to promote; when about to take away it is certainly necessary to impart—this is atomic perception.

The weak overcome the strong.

Fish cannot leave the deeps.

The innerness of the government cannot be shown to the people.

"Though He was a Son, yet (He) learned obedience by the things which He suffered; and having been made perfect, He became unto all them that obey Him the cause of eternal salvation." Before the Christ could weaken the pride of the sinner and humble man's false exaltation He had to strengthen and uplift the sinner with the knowledge that He had Himself become for his sake "of no reputation." The intellect may fail to grasp the full meaning of this sacrifice but the spirit knows that its safety lies in surrendering before the surrender of God on its behalf, even as the security of the fish lies in the yielding water.

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