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TAO is an all-embracing mystery. It is treasure to good men and a refuge to bad men. Fine words are used in selling goods, but it is a noble life that wins the respect of others. Even though TAO is despised by common people, why should I be foolish as are they and ignore it?

In the establishment of a monarchy, (there are many things that are to be considered): the emperor is to be enthroned, the three ministers are to be appointed, the precious gems that have been presented to the emperor are to be distributed, and the tribute war-horses are to be properly exhibited. But nothing is more important than the dedication of the throne to TAO. For what reason did the ancients so highly esteem TAO? Was it not because it was only by devotion to TAO that the hopes of the nation could be realized and the miseries of the people relieved?

That is why TAO is honored by all the world.

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