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There is one thing in the universe that we can not see with our eyes, nor hear with our ears, nor grasp

p. 32

by our perceiving mind, but that which our senses fail to perceive or our mind fails to grasp yet may be realized in meditation. When we look upward we can not see its brightness, when we look downward we can not perceive its existence. Although this mystery is always present there is no adequate name for it.

If we concentrate our mind upon it, our mind becomes unified with it and becomes as empty as open space. This is what may be called the form of the formless, the image of the imageless. It is as if we were in a trance. When we meet it we can not see its face and when we follow it we can not see its back. If, in dhyana, we tranquilize our minds by the wu-wei principle of TAO, some day we will realize our identity with its mystery. Then we are true apostles of TAO.

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