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Mahanirvana Tantra

Tantra of the Great Liberation

Translated by Arthur Avalon

(Sir John Woodroffe)


Introduction and Preface
Chapter 1 - Questions relating to the Liberation of Beings
Chapter 2 - Introduction to the Worship of Brahman
Chapter 3 - Description of the Worship of the Supreme Brahman
Chapter 4 - Introduction of the Worship of the Supreme Prakriti
Chapter 5 - The Formation of the Mantras, Placing of the Jar, and Purification of the Elements of Worship
Chapter 6 - Placing of the Shri-patra, Homa, Formation of the Chakra, and other Rites
Chapter 7 - Hymn of Praise (Stotra), Amulet (Kavacha), and the description of the Kula-tattva
Chapter 8 - The Dharmma and Customs of the Castes and Ashramas
Chapter 9 - The Ten Kinds of Purificatory Rites (Sangskara)
Chapter 10 - Rites relating to Vriddhi Shraddha, Funeral Rites, and Purnabhisheka
Chapter 11 - The Account of Expiatory Rites
Chapter 12 - An Account of the Eternal and Immutable Dharmma
Chapter 13 - Installation of the Devata
Chapter 14 - The Consecration of Shiva-linga and Description of the Four Classes of Avadhutas