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The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians

by Magus Incognito


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This is one of the numerous Yogi Publication Society (YPS) books which have been attributed to William Walker Atkinson under pseudonym. It bears strong similarities to The Kybalion, which is also known to have been authored by Atkinson. The material was later re-worked as one of the volumes in his series The Arcane Teachings.

This etext was scanned from an original 1918 printing of this work. The pagination and emphasis differ slightly from modern YPS printings of this book.

Title Page
Table of Contents
Part I. The Rosicrucians And Their Secret Doctrine
Part II. The Eternal Parent
Part III. The Soul of the World
Part IV. The Universal Androgyne
Part V. The One And The Many
Part VI. The Universal Flame of Life
Part VII. The Planes of Consciousness
Part VIII. The Three Higher Planes of Consciousness
Part IX. The Sevenfold Soul of Man
Part X. Metempsychosis
Part XI. The Soul's Progress
Part XII. The Aura and Auric Colors
Part XIII. The Seven Cosmic Principles