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I. THE PARSIFAL OF WOLFRAM VON ESCHENBACH.--Its valuation by recognised criticism--Alleged theological and ecclesiastical position--Evidence of the surface sense--Specific analogies with French romances of the Perceval cycle--The triad in the Keepership of the Graal--Geniture of Parsifal--Of Gamuret and Herzeleide--Of Parsifal's cousin Sigune--At the Court of King Arthur--The Red Knight--The Brother of the Graal King--Queen Kondwiramur--The marriage of Parsifal--The Fisher King--The Castle of Mont Salvatch--The pageant and bewrayed question--Of things which followed thereafter--Of Kundrie, the Graal Messenger--Parsifal hardens his heart--The pilgrim band--The Hermit's story of the Graal--Parsifal's election--The King's Healing--Specific Distinctions from romances of the French cycle--The morganatic union of Gamuret--The history of Kundrie--The magician Klingsor--Of Feirfeis, the brother of Parsifal--His union with the maiden of the Graal--Of Prester john--The history of Lohengrin--The Graal in Wolfram's poem--Its sacramental connections--Its feeding qualities--Its antecedent history--The bleeding Lance--The King's wounding--Of the Duchess Orgeluse--The Castle and its chivalry--The source of Wolfram--The story of Guiot de Provence--The judgment on Chrétien de Troyes--The Lapis Exilis--Of a second sense in the Parsifal. II. GLEANINGS CONCERNING THE LOST QUEST OF GUIOT DE PROVENCE.--Evidence of the Saone de Nausay for the 

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existence of Guiot's poem--His alleged identity with a Bishop of Durham--What follows therefrom--The source of Chrétien--The Graal in Guiot and Wolfram--The religious position of Guiot--His curious learning--An illustration from Kabalism. III. SIDELIGHTS FROM THE SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE QUESTS.--The Spanish Merlin and Quest of Galahad--The Portuguese Quest--A Viennese manuscript--An inference from these documents. IV. THE CROWN OF ALL ADVENTURES.--The Quest-in-chief of Gawain--Heinrich and Chrétien--Heinrich and Guiot--Keynote of the story--The House of Glass--The companions of the Quest--The House of Death--Its dream of splendour--The Order of the Banquet--The Graal Vision--The King's sustenance--Wine of forgetfulness--The Question asked--The Hidden Secret--The King's release--The departure of the Graal--Conclusion as to this Quest. V. THE TITUREL OF ALBRECHT VON SCHARFENBERG.--Literary history of the poem--The incorporations from Wolfram--Its reversion to the cycle of Northern France--The Graal as a chalice--Pretensions of the poem as a complete history of the Sacred Vessel and its Wardens--Ascetic aspects--Removal of the Graal to the Land of Prester John--Subsequent removal of the ancient Sanctuary--Parsifal as the heir of the Priest-King--The King's legend--King Arthur's search for the Graal. VI. THE DUTCH LANCELOT.--Date of this compilation--Outline of its contents--The Quest of Perceval--His failure and penitence--His restitution--His inclusion with Galahad in the Quest--Summary as to the Dutch Lancelot--Conclusion as to the German cycle.

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