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I. THE METRICAL ROMANCE OF JOSEPH OF ARIMATHÆA.--The characteristics of Robert de Borron--The Metrical Romance presented in general synopsis--Specific considerations of the story--The source of the text--The Sacred Vessel as it is understood in the poem--The Divine Communion in the tower of Joseph--The Sacred Words and the theological position of the text--The Institution of the Holy Table--The mystery and fate of Moses--The branches to follow--The marriage of Alain and the succession of Keepers. II. THE LESSER HOLY GRAAL.--Its critical and literary position in respect of the Metrical Romance--The distinctions on matters of importance between the two texts--Concerning the Sacramental occurrences at the Last Supper--Concerning the Secret Words and their written form--Concerning the triple guardianship--Of words in Eucharistic consecration--Concerning Joseph of Arimathæa--The Conversion of Britain. III. THE EARLY HISTORY OF MERLIN.--In what sense this branch follows from the Metrical Romance of Joseph--The bare outlines of the story--The story as a general introduction to the Romances of the Round Table--Its palmary characteristics as an intermediate Graal romance--The hermit Blaise--The Graal in Northumbria--The Secret records of the Hermitage--The Round Table, its imputed connection with that of the Lord's Supper and with the table of Joseph--The Void Seat--The lacuna in the succession of texts--Of him who 

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was to come, and whether Galahad or another--Some implicits of the Legend. IV. THE DIDOT PERCEVAL.--The higher considerations of the Quest--The outlines of this Quest--Points of correspondence with the early epochs--Place of this quest, if any, in the triad of Robert de Borron--Claims of the Questing Knight--Analogies with preceding texts of the trilogy--Discrepancies in the legend of Moses--Of Merlin's close in sanctity and not in enchantment--Conclusion as to the Lesser Chronicles.

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