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I. A PRELIMINARY ACCOUNT OF CERTAIN ROOT--SECRETS INCLUDED IN THE WHOLE SUBJECT.--Further considerations concerning the several groups of the literature--Quest versions and versions of early history--The Suppressed Word of the Perceval Quests--The suppressed sacramental formula--The secret school of ordination--The passing of the sacraments. II. THE INSTITUTION OF THE HALLOWS, AND IN THE FIRST PLACE A GENERAL INTRODUCTION CONCERNING THEM.--Their powers and offices--Their passage from East to West--The Hallows in Britain--An alternative division of the cycle--Texts of the sacramental claims--The implied mystery of the Hallows--The four Hallows-in-chief. III. THE INSTITUTION OF THE HALLOWS, AND, SECONDLY, THE VARIATIONS OF THE CUP LEGEND.--The Holy Vessel in the legends of Joseph of Arimathæa--The high symbolism of the Cup--Sources of information concerning the Sacred Vessel--Certain apocryphal Gospels and certain chronicles of Britain--Variations of the Conte del Graal--The Cup in the metrical romance of De Borron--Its Eucharistic character--Philology of the term GRAAL--The Cup in the Lesser Holy Graal--In the Early Prose Merlin--In the Didot Perceval--The Cup in the Book of the Holy Graal--The Chalice and the Paschal Dish--References in the later prose Merlins--The Graal in the Longer Prose Perceval--Certain visions of the Holy Vessel in the great prose Lancelot--The Graal in the Quest of 

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[paragraph continues] Galahad--The Hallow in the German cycle--Possible hypotheses regarding the Most Precious Vessel--The conclusion of this matter. IV. THE GRAAL VESSEL CONSIDERED AS A BOWL OF PLENTY.--Developments of this tradition in the Greater Chronicles--In the poem of Robert de Borron--Of spiritual refreshment--Material presentation in the Book of the Holy Graal--Two aspects of magical feeding in the German cycle. V. THE LESSER HALLOWS OF THE LEGEND.--The Summary of these matters--The Lance--The Broken Sword--The Dish or Salver. VI. THE CASTLE OF THE HOLY GRAAL.--The place of the Holy Vessel--The House of the Rich King Fisherman--The Castle in the Valley--The Castle of Eden--The Palace of Dead Men. VII. THE KEEPERS OF THE HALLOWS.--Variations of tradition in respect of the Graal and its Guardians--How the life of Brons was prolonged throughout the centuries--The Keepers in the Greater Chronicles. VIII. THE PAGEANTS IN THE QUESTS.--Order of the Ceremonial Procession in the Conte del Graal--The Pageant in the Romance of Lancelot--In the Quest of Galahad--In the Longer Prose Perceval--In the German cycle. IX. THE ENCHANTMENTS OF BRITAIN, THE TIMES CALLED ADVENTUROUS AND THE WOUNDING OF THE KING.--The Cloud upon the Sanctuary--The suspension of Nature--Times of peril and distress--Of sin entering the Sanctuary--Of help coming from without--The Dolorous Stroke. X. THE SUPPRESSED WORD AND THE MYSTIC QUESTION.--One distinction between Perceval and Galahad--Mischances of the Word in its suppression--The Word in partial manifestation--Of the causes of silence--Of the plenary demand. XI. THE HEALING OF THE KING.--HOW the burden was lifted from old age--Of 

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anodyne for wounding in battle--Concerning the body of the healer--Of absolution from sin. XII. THE REMOVAL OF THE HALLOWS.--How, according to one text, they remain in seclusion--How, in another, there was no recession--How the dead were set free--How the Hallows were not seen so openly--How they were taken to heaven--Conclusion as to the Hallows--Their hidden period.

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