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Letter from M. Collet, Manager of the Castles of Chambord and of Blois, to the Marquis de Marigny, Director general of the Buildings.

"Chambord, May 10th, 1758.


"I take advantage of the opportunity kindly offered me by the Comte de St. Germain to accompany him to Paris in order to make some arrangements concerning him as well as to transact some business which must be finished by the end of next week. I hope that during those few days you will allow me to wait upon you. . . .

M. de Marigny to M. Collet.

"Marigny, May 19th, 1758.


"I willingly give you permission to profit by the opportunity you have in accompanying the Comte de St. Germain to come to Paris and stay here. . . ."

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M. Collet to the Marquis de Marigny.

"Chambord, Dec. 4th, 1758.


". . . the Comte de St. Germain arrived at Chambord on Saturday last with two gentlemen. He will stay for five or six days and then goes to Paris, having the kindness to take me with him. I hope as soon as I arrive to have the honour, Sir. . . ."

M. Collet to the Marquis de Marigny.

"Chambord, May 8th, 1758.


". . . the Comte de St. Germain arrived here on Saturday last, this being his second visit to Chambord: I had two rooms prepared for some of his people as well as three more with kitchens and offices on the ground floor for his accommodation. I have had no alterations made in this part of the Castle but only urgent repairs."

The Abbé de la Pagerie to M. de Marigny.

"Blois, Aug. 12th, 1758.


"Not being fortunate enough to live sufficiently near to you to pay my respects, I make up for it by writing in order that I may recall myself to your memory. I am most grateful for the civilities with which you have honoured me which will ever remain dear in my memory. I fully appreciate them and none can be more devoted to you than myself.

"I often see M. Begon who has the honour to be known to you, he is quite engrossed in his building operations which are very fine. M. de St. Germain who arouses the curiosity of the whole country is constantly expected: I have met him twice at dinner parties. He seems to

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be a man of great knowledge and guided by principle. . . . Poor M. de Saumery, the Governor of Chambord cannot last much longer, his leg is in a terrible state. . . .

Answer of M. de Marigny to the Abbé de la Pagerie.

"Versailles, Sept. 2nd, 1758.

"I have received, Sir, the letter of the 12th inst. which you did me the honour of writing to me. It is a fact that the King has granted to M. de St. Germain lodgings in the Castle of Chambord, and you are right in saying that he is a man of worth. I had the opportunity of convincing myself of the fact in various interviews which I have had with him, and real benefits are to be derived from his superior knowledge. . . .

The following correspondence took place with regard to some dwellings round the Castle of Chambord.

M. de Saumery, Governor of the Castle, to the Marquis de Marigny.

"Paris, April 15th, 1759.

" . . . I consider that these out-houses will do as lodgings for the use of the workmen that the Comte de St. Germain will bring here for the establishment of his Manufactory."

(On April 5th, 1759, an order had been given that the said outhouses were to be rented for the benefit of the King, it therefore does not seem that M. de St. Germain had the use of them.)

The Marquis de Marigny to the Comte de St. Florentin.

"Versailles, Sept. 8th, 1760.


"I have the honour to inform you of an affair which took place in the Court of Chambord Castle at half past

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ten p.m. on the 26th ult., the principal actor in it being Sieur Barberet (or Barberes), who is lodging there in the service of M. de St. Germain. This latter has spent the year in Holland and went from thence to England. . . ."

(It was an attempt by this man to stab M. Collet with his sword.)

The Comte de St. Florentin to the Marquis de Marigny.

"Versailles, Sept. 15th, 1760.

"I am writing to M. de Saumery, Governor of Chambord, to know why Sieur Barberes who is in the service of M. de St. Germain remains in the Castle?"

(The Sieur de Barberes appears to have tried to reserve for his own use two gardens to which he had no title. M. de Saumery seems to have secretly supported him in opposition to M. Collet.)

M. Collet to the Marquis de Marigny.

(Still with regard to the Barberes affair.)

"Chambord, June 16th, 1760.

"The Sieur Barberes is still here. He is causing his followers to spread a report that M. de St. Germain is in Paris and may be here within the fortnight, and that what has been said about him will not be forgotten and that the Gazette has purposely said what it has. . . .

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