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Shamanism in Siberia

excerpts from Aboriginal Siberia



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This is M.A. Czaplicka's review of the literature about Shamanism in Siberia, excerpted from a longer ethnographic work. Siberian Shamanism is important topic because the practice continued there up until historic times, and so there are reliable modern accounts. The details of the shamanistic journey appear to be largely consistent throughout this culture region. This extended description contains important source material on Shamanism.

Title Page

Part III. Religion

Chapter VII. Shamanism
Chapter VIII. The Shaman
A. The Shaman's Vocation
B. The Shaman's Preparatory Period
Chapter IX. Types of Shamans
Chaper X. The Accessories of the Shaman
Chapter XI. The Shaman in Action
Chapter XII. Shamanism and Sex
Chapter XIII: Gods, Spirits, Soul
Chapter XIV. Some Ceremonies