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The Sacred Fire

by B.Z. Goldberg


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There is a huge amount of academic 19th century literature relating to sacred sexuality. However, there are not many books which cover this subject matter for the general reader: this book is one of the few. Goldberg approaches the culturally sensitive issue of the intersection of religion and sex frankly and in some depth.

That said, this work has a few problems which need to be kept in mind while reading it. There is not much in the way of apparatus aside from a bibliography: not even the Bible quotes are attributed. Goldberg also invents a number of descriptive passages, particularly in the second section. While these go a long way towards dimensionalizing this material, they include a number of purely speculative details which are not identified as such.

Perhaps the best part of this book is the discussion of the evolution of the attitude towards sexuality in Christianity. Goldberg also describes a number of little-known curious cults such as the Russian Skopzi, the mediaeval flagellants, and others. Long out of print, but available used, this book serves as a useful introduction to the subject and sheds light on some little known corners of the subject of sacred sexuality.

Title Page

Book One: The Erotic Motive In Primitive Religion

Chapter I: Far Away and Long Ago
Chapter II. Primitive Man in Love and Faith
Chapter III. In the Foundry of the Gods
Chapter IV. The Spirit of Love in God and Man
Chapter V. Love's Hidden Ways

Book Two. In the Temple of the Gods

Chapter I. A Day with Baal
Chapter II. A Night With Aphrodite
Chapter III. At a Dionysian Mystery
Chapter IV. Twilight With Moloch
Chapter V. The Dance of the Saktas

Book Three. In the House of the Lord

Chapter I. Love in the Synagogue
Chapter II. Romance in the Church
Chapter III. Marriage in the Mosque
Chapter IV. Longing in the Dark

Book Four. The Spirit of Revolt in Religion

Chapter I. Rebels in the Faith
Chapter II. Love the Force of Rebellion
Chapter III. The Revolt Against Religion
Chapter IV. The Revolt Against God
Chapter V. The Revolt Against Man
Epilogue: God's Way in Love