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Male Continence

By John Humphrey Noyes


Male Continence is a pamphlet by John Humphrey Noyes, a graduate of Yale Divinity School. It was published in 1872. Ignorant of sexual tantra (no translations were available in the West in his day), Noyes independently discovered the possibility and benefits of making love without ejaculation. In this pamphlet he eloquently defends his discovery.

This e-book has been prepared by, 2006, a site that has a lot of information closely related to the topic of this book.

For more on Noyes, see "To Bring about a True Union of the Sexes."

Note: the original pamphlet is 24 pages long but does not include any chapter or division in the text. For convenience, we have here split the text into three parts. This division is not in the original book.

Title Page
Introduction (Part I)
History (Part II)
Evaluation (Part III)