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The Awakening of Adonis, detail, by John William Waterhouse [1900] (Public domain image)


Ethics of Marriage

Second Edition


Karezza is a book by Alice Bunker Stockham, MD (b. 1833). She was one of the first women medical school graduates in the USA and wrote a very popular book on women's reproductive health, which was translated into several languages. This later work, Karezza, elucidates "a theory of conjugal life, in which there is a love communion between husband and wife from which results a mastery of the physical." A highly-principled Quaker distressed by all the unwanted pregnancies among her patients, she also saw controlled intercourse as a way to prevent reckless procreation and raise spiritual awareness. This second edition was published in 1903.

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Title Page
Table of Contents
Chap. I: Ethics of Marriage
Chap. 2: Karezza
Chap. 3: Attainment possible
Chap. 4: Health
Chap. 5: Parenthood
Chap. 6: Control of Procreative Powers
Chap. 7: Free Motherhood
Chap. 8: Married and Mated
Chap. 9: Procreation of Thought
Chap. 10: Spiritual Growth
Chap. Corroboration: