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p. 103

Another Prognostication by Theophrastus Paracelsus

p. 105

'I BEAR in mind that you may not believe me when I tell you that my (at this time) despised writings shall yet be held in great value and esteem by wise and judicious men.

'It will, however, not happen until the great and fearful eclipse of the sun is past.

'I say that then there shall overflow as the waters of a mighty river all kinds of revolts, riots, wars, slaughter, murders, conflagrations and all evil into the northern countries.

'Then beware Brabant, Flanders and Zealand, and ye who like my Swiss countrymen feed upon cheese.

'Then will the Lily be altogether decayed, exhausted and cast down.

'In the same wise will the Eagle be plucked, dishonoured, insulted and despised.

'Othman will be foremost and the Eagle shall cringe before him.

'Good times shall then be. Fruit and what is necessary for life will thrive, but the poor will enjoy little thereof.

'The Spiritual will grow and increase as the Moon.

p. 106

'Then those of the East will for a time have a great Victory and exalt the Golden Tower.

'The people without a head will not remain untouched.

'Then shall the high nobility be punished as though they were criminals.

'The Lion having Blue and White for associates will march in, in a high manner.

'Beware, thou beautiful City, that wast formerly a lustre and eye of Europe.

'The Rue-wreath dwindles to nought. Doth there not remain of this conflagration one spark, that shall soon after begin to burn and light an inextinguishable fire?

'Now when these things come to pass, neither truth, nor faith, nor fidelity, nor honour will be esteemed.

'But there will be many truths, many fidelities, many honours; but they will be of such a kind that they may be known and considered as no faith, no truth, no fidelity and no honour.

'The White will for some time overcome the Black with the Black and will accomplish great things.

'The Pomegranate will burst and throw out his seeds and will let them perish.

p. 107

'Then shall the Rue-plant or Rue-wreath incline its root or natural origin to the Lily and shall stand as a shield before her, that the Wind of Health may not blow upon her.

'The people of the earth shall then be in commotion, and no ties of brotherhood, marriage or friendship will be respected.

'The Lion will join himself to the Fishes.

'And the Crown will be subject to the Fine Hat.

'Then will the Rue-wreath be soiled with Milk.

'And the Pelican shall be devoured by his young.

'But the Phoenix shall be consumed in the fire, and when the dew moistens the ashes he will again revive according to his Nature.

'But he will become a noble Phoenix, and will press hard upon the Toad, and he will take to the Lion and will give him a choice.

'The Lion will select the best and no more.

'Upon the other Wild Horse this Phoenix will place a bridle and will ride it with spurs but without a saddle.

'Then a new generation of beasts with various strange heads shall be born. They will have many mouths and stomachs, but only one natural draught.

'The most profligate will maintain his magnificence,

p. 108

and his angels will be clothed in blood. They will be intent upon one work alone.

'A pair of horses will appear and in all places will the wail of the fugitives be heard.

'The Dragon of Sleep will cause the Eagle to become weary of all magnificence.

'The Fountain of Life will commence to flow.

'And a white Eagle will be changed into black.

'Milk and Blood will decrease, and the animal Tree will begin to grow.

'An old Lion will be bound and a young Lion will become free. He will please all those animals which the old had vexed.

'He will do even more, for he will change his mane and hair into silk.

'The Bear will lay snares, and the Ox-head will seek to gore him.

'The Griffin will fly over him but will not harm him.

'Then shall the Pearl, so long lost, be found by one of humble estate, and will be set, as a jewel, in gold.

'It will be given to the Prince of all beasts, that is, to the right Lion.

'He will hang it about his neck, and wear it with honour.

p. 109

'He will resist the Bear and the Wolf, and rend them asunder; so that the beasts of the forest shall be safe.

'Then will the Old Art flourish and no heed will be given to the New.

'Then will the New World begin, and the White and the Black shall disappear.

'All Vain glory will be ended, and the plumes of the bird of the East shall be burnt by the Sun of the South.

'How then will it be with thee, Oh thou Lion and earthly one who art painted and bound with gold?

'All thy doings shall be changed, and the seven heads shall become one head.

'Out of this one, a head shall be born that shall be armed with a horn.

'This horn shall bruise all that which has so long brought sorrow to Iffinos.

'And the great City shall be the head of the less and shall become free from servitude.

'Europe shall be the head, Asia the crown, but Africa shall be the jewel.

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