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(Tla-loc is the God of Storms. He dwells in Tlalocan where the spirits of the elements toss the balls of thunder, and cast the reeds of lightning. This is a masked dramatized ceremony to the rain god)


TO OUR land the god appears! His banner unfolds to the Four Ways and no one weeps!"


"I, the god, have returned again! I have turned again to the place of abundance of sacrifices. West-ward, when the day grows old I am beheld as a god."

High Priest

"Thy work is that of a magician divine! Truly thou hast made thyself to be of our flesh. Thou hast made thyself, and who dare affront thee?"


"Truly he who affronts me faces the dangers; My fathers took by the heads the tigers and serpents!"


"In Tla-locan, the Place of the Divine, they play at ball! They cast the reeds!"

High Priest to Devotees

"Go forth! Go forth to where the clouds are spread--where the thick mist marks the cloudy house of Tla-loc!"


"Go ye out to seek me! Seek for the voice I send forth as I rise--a terrible god--a cry on the winds!"


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