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(Agni, god of fire in every form, worshipped in every manifestation--sun, lightning, earth, fire--also adored as the spark of life in all of growth, is here invoked as both the sacred flame on the altar, and the highest priest officiating)

I IMPLORE Agni, the chief priest, the divine minister of the sacrifice, the Hotri priest, the best giver of wealth.
Agni, worthy to be implored by former poets and by new, may he bring the gods hither!
Through Agni man gained wealth, satisfying even day by day, glorious wealth of vigorous kindred.
Agni, the offering which thou encirclest on all sides, that alone goes to the gods.
Agni, the Hotri priest, the wise counsellor, the truthful, the most glorious, may he, the God, come with the gods!
Whatever wealth thou, Agni, shalt bestow on the sacrificer, thine it will be, forsooth, Agni.
To thee, O Agni, we come day by day, bringing praise in mind, O Illuminator of Darkness!
To thee, the Lord of sacrifices, the bright Guarder of the Law, who art growing in thy own house.
Thou then, O Agni, be gracious to us like as a father to his son; stay with us for our welfare!


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