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I THE EMPEROR, have respectfully prepared this paper to inform the spirit of the sun, the spirit of the moon, the spirits of the five planets, of the stars, of the clouds, of the four seas, of the great rivers, of the present year,

That on the first of next month we shall reverently lead our officers and people to honor the great name of Shang-Ti.

We inform you beforehand, O ye celestial and terrestrial spirits, and will trouble you on our behalf, to exert your spiritual power, and display your vigorous efficacy, communicating our poor desire to Shang-Ti, praying him to accept our worship, and be pleased with the new title which we shall reverently present to him.

Thou, O Ti, didst open the way for the forces of matter to operate;

Thou, O Spirit, didst produce the beautiful light of the sun and moon, that all thy creatures might be happy.

Thou hast vouchsafed to hear us, O Ti, for thou regardest us as thy children.

I, thy child, dull and ignorant, can poorly express my feelings.

Honorable is thy great name!


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