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I HAVE invoked thee, O Sun, in the midst of the high heavens.
Thou art in the shadow of the cedar, and thy feet rest on the summits.
The countries have called thee eagerly, they have directed their looks towards thee,
O Friend, thy brilliant light illuminates every land, overthrowing all that impedes thee, assemble the countries, for thou, O Sun, knowest their boundaries.
Thou who annihilatest falsehood, who dissipated the evil influence of wonders, omens, sorceries, dreams, evil apparitions, who turnest to a happy issue malicious designs, who annihilatest men and countries that devote themselves to fatal sorceries, I have taken refuge in thy presence.
Do not allow those who make spells, and are hardened, to arise.
Frighten their heart,
Settle also, O Sun, light of the great gods
Right into my marrow, O Lords of breath, that I may rejoice, even I.
May the gods who created me take my hands!
Direct the breath of my mouth!
My hands direct them also, Lord, light of the legions of the heavens. Sun, O Judge!


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