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The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke (detail), by Richard Dadd  [1855-64] (Public Domain Image)

Irish Witchcraft and Demonology

by St. John D. Seymour


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This is a survey of the Witch persecution in Ireland, as well as a wide array of other paranormal events such as poltergeists, ghosts, apparations and even an early UFO account. Very readable, yet well documented, this book has extensive and fascinating quotes from historical source documents.

Seymour proposes that the witch-craze was more muted in Ireland than elsewhere in Europe. Relatively speaking, there appear to have been fewer cases in Ireland. This doesn't mean that the consequences were any less harsh for the accused. In these texts we can see how people exhibiting what we would today consider schizophrenic or senile behavior were vulnerable to being accused of witchcraft.--J.B. Hare, Nov. 2002.

Title Page
Chapter I: Some Remarks On Witchcraft In Ireland
Chapter II: A.D. 1324: Dame Alice Kyteler, The Sorceress of Kilkenny
Chapter III: A.D. 1223-1583
Chapter IV: A.D. 1606-1656
Chapter V: A.D. 1661
Chapter VI. A.D. 1662-1686
Chapter VII: A.D. 1688: An Irish-American Witch
Chapter VIII: A.D. 1689-1720
Chapter IX: A.D. 1807 to Present Day