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The Book of Hallowe'en

by Ruth Edna Kelley


This is a comprehensive exploration of the Pagan roots of Halloween.
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Title Page
Chapter I: Sun-Worship. The Sources of Hallowe'en
Chapter II: The Celts: Their Religion and Festivals
Chapter III: Samhain
Chapter IV: Pomona
Chapter V: The Coming of Christianity. All Saints'. All Souls'
Chapter VI: Origin And Character Of Hallowe'en Omens
Chapter VII: Hallowe'en Beliefs and Customs in Ireland
Chapter VIII: In Scotland and the Hebrides
Chapter IX: In England and Man
Chapter X: In Wales
Chapter XI: In Brittany and France
Chapter XII: The Teutonic Religion. Witches.
Chapter XIII: Walpurgis Night
Chapter XIV: More Hallowtide Beliefs and Customs
Chapter XV: Hallowe'en in America
Four Poems