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note to the hypertext transcription

This book is presented as the translation of a (Maori) transcript of the teachings of Maori elders as given in the Whare-Wānanga, or school of sacred knowledge. There have been aspersions cast on the authenticity of this book ever since it was published. See here for an exposition of some of the background of this book and the discussion surrounding it.

This is only the first (of two) part of 'The Lore'; the second part is concerned with more strictly historical matter regarding the migration to and settling of New Zealand by the Maori and is not yet completed. In the printed text of this book, the original Maori was given in full on pp. 1-76. The Maori text is not reproduced here. There were also a number of spelling and punctuating errors and inconsistencies in the English text. The grossest of these have been corrected, but the careful reader will still see a good bit of questionable typography.