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p. 19



The advance of age when Kapokanokano (night of strength)
Established heaps in the Polalouli (depth of night),
And the dark fresh color of the earth thrown up
Was the darkness of the famous Polalouli (night in the deep),
Who married for wife Kapokanokano.
His snout was of great size and with it dug the earth;
He dug until he raised a great mound,
He raised a hill for his gods,
A hill, a precipice in front,
For the offspring of a pig which was born;
Built a house and paid the forest
And rested by the patches of Loiloa,
             For Umi who is to possess the land,
             For Umi who is to reign anon;
The land where Kapokanokano dwelt,
To which place laid a path of frailest trail,
A trail as fine as the choicest hair of this pig,
A being was born half pig, half god,
At the time of life of Kapokanokano,
Who became the wife of Polalouli.
             Night was born.


The Poowaawaa was born, his head was uneven.
The Poopahapaha was born, his head was flat and spread.
The Poohiwahiwa was born, he appeared noble.
The Poohaole was born, he became a haole (foreigner).
The Poomahakea was born, his skin was fair.
The Pooapahu was born, was a hairy man.
The Poomeumeu was born, is a short man.
The Pooauli was born, is dark complexioned.
The Hewahewa was born, and he remained so (light-headed).
The Lawalawa was born, becomes a lawalawa. p. 20
The Hooipo was born, and became hooipoipo (loving).
The Hulu was born, and became a-aia (demented).
The Hulupii was born, and became piipii (curly-headed).
The Meleuli was born, and became melemele (yellow-haired).
The Haupo was born, and became hauponuinui (noble-chested).
The Hilahila was born, and became hilahila (very bashful).
The Kenakena was born, and became kenakena (bitter).
The Luheluhe was born, and became luheluhe (limber).
The Awaawa was born, and became awaawa (sour disposed).
The Aliilii was born, and became liilii (puny).
The Makuakua was born, and became kuakua (great).
The Halahala was born, decorated with lei Hala.
The Eweewe was born, who was proud of his pedigree.
The Huelo Maewa was born, with very long tail.
The Hulu liha was born, and became lihelihe (hairy eggs).
The Pukaua was born, and became a warrior.
The Meheula was born, and became red.
The Puuwelu was born, and became weluwelu (ragged).
That is his, this is in shreds.
Then came the children of Loiloa,
And the land grew and spread,
And the goblet of wish was lowered
Of affections for the tribe of relations,
Of songs that grasp of Oma's friends
Till relations are enrolled from Kapokanokano
                          At yester eve.
                            ’Tis night.

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