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Chapter VII

1. IN the fifth year of Sue he dispatched swift messengers to Opnetevoc, in etherea, saying: Thus saith Sue, God of two etherean worlds: Behold, I am sojourning on the earth, and, with the God of heaven and his Lords, have prepared one thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms for Jehovih's etherean harvest. Greeting to Nista, of Ho and Tow'en, Goddess; in the name of Jehovih, send an airavagna and complete the resurrection of the Father's Brides and Bridegrooms!

2. So it came to pass in etherea, the Goddess, Nista, provided an airavagna, an etherean ship, resolving to come as commander in chief. Sue advised God, saying: Make thou of this matter a great testimony in thy heaven. Send, therefore, thy messengers into all parts, and to thy Lords on the earth, inviting all people to be present to witness the ascent of Jehovih's Brides and Bridegrooms.

3. God did as commanded, and on the day of the appearance of Nista, daughter of Jehovih, in her sun-ship, in the firmament, there were assembled in Hored countless millions of souls inspired of Jehovih.

4. Great was the rejoicing and the manifestations of delight when the sun-ship came in full view, descending, like a world on fire. And when she passed Chinvat and was fully within the earth's vortex, the enthusiasm of the people knew no bounds.

5. They sang, and prayed, and danced, and clapped their hands, as if mad with delight. Meantime the Brides and Bridegrooms had been arrayed in etherean white, and were now saluting those whom they were soon to leave.

6. Quietly the etherean hosts filled their part in the great play of the immortal resurrection; very Gods and Goddesses in demeanor.

7. Nearer and nearer came Nista in her sun-ship, slowly turning and descending, with ten thousand curtains suspended and waving; and ten times ten thousand banners and flags waving above and around.

8. And then slowly down, lower and lower, till the airavagna rested on the plateau of Hored, to the south of the Temple of Jehovih.

9. Gussitivi, marshalless to the throne of Sue, in Izaracha, with ten thousand deputies, went forward, and with open arms received Nista, Goddess descended, saluting with the sign of the star and square, having been warm friends two hundred thousand years in the plains of Oayad, in the etherean es'tu of Hi'dan, the spiritual centre of the orbit of the great serpent when in Zagagowthaka.

10. The es'enaurs of both hosts were chanting, and the angels of the airavagna coming forth in hundreds of thousands, to be saluted by the previously trained Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih and by the hosts of Sue, the etherean laborers.

11. And when Nista came up to the throne, God and great Sue rose up amidst the light, now fast gathering as a mantle of brilliant fire over the place of council.

12. Sue said: All hail, O Nista, Jehovih's Daughter. God said: In Jehovih's name, welcome, O Nista. To which Nista answered, saying: By the Wisdom and Power of Jehovih, O my beloved!

13. And Sue and God parted, and Nista ascended and sat in the midst of the throne. After the ceremonies of salutation Nista said: Let the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih approach the throne of God.

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14. The marshals then ushered them to their places, a thousand millions, and the swift messengers bounded them on all sides, so that the responses should be uniform and as if spoken by one person. Whereupon Nista spake from the throne, and the Brides and Bridegrooms responded in the usual form of Gods and Goddesses, and then took the necessary vows and renunciations of the earth and lower heaven, according to Jehovih's commandments.

15. When the ceremonies were finished, God proclaimed one day of recreation, which was participated in joyously by upward of four thousand million souls.

16. So, on the next day, Nista and her hosts, with the thousand millions of Brides and Bridegrooms, entered the airavagna, amidst the cheers and weeping of millions of atmosphereans, who had never witnessed so grand a spectacle.

17. And then Nista, by the power of the Great Spirit, set her ship in motion; raised it up from the lower heaven; moved it upward by her command, saying: Arise! arise! Airavagna! By my will, arise! Embrace thou the realms of Great Jehovih! Arise.

18. The es'enaurs and trumpeters were singing and playing; and those ascending threw down flowers and perfumes, and all manner of pleasant remembrances, to the countless millions below.

19. In a little while the airavagna disappeared in high heaven.

20. This, then, is what followed of Sue's ministration, to wit: When the end of dan'ha had come, that is, the six years, he delivered God and his Lords and another thousand millions of Brides and Bridegrooms, taking them into the extreme borders of Izaracha, where was assigned the a'ji'an field of Rus'tsoo with twelve etherean worlds.

21. And Sue left T-hi, as the anointed God of the lower heaven for the next four hundred years. And God (T-hi) anointed Lords for the divisions of the earth, the same as had been heretofore. And the earth and heaven prospered, so that in the dan following there were raised up two thousand million Brides and Bridegrooms.

22. From this time on there was a decrease in the etherean harvests for two thousand years, after which time there came great darkness on the earth and heaven belonging to it; and self-Gods filled all atmospherea. And, as for Lords, there rose up in every nation on the earth thousands and thousands, so that men and angels knew not if there were a true God or true Lord in all the universe.

23. Thus ended the cycle of Sue, being three thousand and two hundred years.


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