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Chapter III

1. JEHOVIH spake through Sue, saying: Mine is a strong government, and everlasting. Hearken to the wisdom of your Creator, O My sons and daughters. Wherein have I not given liberty to all people? He that doeth aright, wherein is he not free? He that doeth awrong, wherein hath he liberty? Whoever endeavoreth to surpass himself, have I not shown him his limit?

2. I created man at zero, but for him to add unto himself forever. Liberty I gave him to add only that which perfecteth his own soul. Wherefore, if he eat poison, it taketh from him his body which I gave. Herein made I a boundary, both on earth and in heaven, which is to say, inasmuch as man accumulateth virtue, wisdom, patience, love, truth and pure words, he is free; because, in so doing, he followeth Me in My works. But he that seeketh to glorify himself in his possessions bindeth himself; because he is unlike Me, for I gave All, and thus made the universe.

3. Two states, therefore, have I created open to all men, both on earth and in atmospherea, which are, liberty and bondage. And man I made to choose that which he will; but that he might not err, behold, I send My emancipated angels to explain these things beforehand.

4. Even so are governments ordained by My holy ones, wherein ye may judge p. 103 whether a government be of Me or against Me. For if it give liberty to all righteous works, and for the promotion of knowledge, providing teachers to the extent of the demand, it is of Me. But if the government maketh of itself a self, for which its aggrandizement is at the expense of My children's liberty, then is it against Me.

5. For I have not created a people to be to-day as were their forefathers, but provided them with perpetual growth in wisdom and virtue; wherefore the rising generations shall rebel against that which was well and good for their forefathers. All My governments understand this, whether on earth or in heaven. Whatever government accepteth not this rule, shall go down to destruction. For, as I have hedged man about with sentinels, such as pestilence, poverty and hunger, in order to awaken him to knowledge and industry, so have I hedged in all governments under the sun with sentinels, such as rebellion and assassinations, and war, and bankruptcy. As pestilence proveth man's disobedience to My commandments, so do rebellion and anarchy prove the disobedience of governments to the progressive spirit with which I created man.

6. The self-God saith: I will make a strong government; by armies and cruel masters will I bind the subjects of my dominions. And he draweth up a multitude of laws, and heapeth up books to explain the laws, and findeth judges to explain the books that explain the laws, and he saith: Behold how wise I am! Behold the great wisdom of my judges! Behold the great learning of my books! Behold my most perfect laws! Behold my armies that stand behind all, and in great power!

7. But lo, a star appeareth in heaven, and all his fabric goeth as a spider's web. For instead of choosing his Creator, Who is strong, he erected things that were as nothing.

8. Hear thy Creator, O My God, for through My Son I bequeath a new light to the lower heaven: For, as thou hast portioned to the self-Gods to take kingdoms, suffer them to hedge themselves about with a multitude of laws; but thou thyself shalt have no laws save the rites and ceremonies, which thou shalt adorn with music and processions.

9. And it shall come to pass that the dominions of the self-Gods will prosper for a season; and they will, for sake of self-glory, deplete the earth people of familiar spirits and fetals. But, in time after, their subjects will tire of the laws of the self-Gods, and hearing that thou hast no laws, save rites and ceremonies, they will come to Hored of their own accord.

10. Henceforth, then, shalt thou convert the nurseries and hospitals, and factories and places of education, into places of delight and recreation.

11. The voice ceased, but Sue said: Behold, a time cometh, in all the atmospherean heavens, when the discipline of former days must give way to something new; and such a time is now in this kingdom. It may be likened to a young child that hath been led by the hand for a long time, but now hath become strong of limb so as to walk alone.

12. For this purpose hath the earth been brought through the fields of Izaracha, and my hosts are come with music and wisdom. Hear, then, my decree, O God of earth, and thou shalt be the most blessed of Gods: Send thy messengers into all parts of atmospherea, proclaiming a recreation of ten days, of music and dancing and marching, with pageantry and feasting, to be in Hored in the first of the moon of Jaffeth.

13. The rest leave to the Father, for He will provide us in the time thereof. And whilst the time is coming, I will go around the earth with my hosts in my etherean ship.

14. God said: I perceive Thy wisdom, O Jehovih; in Thy decrees am I raised up with new wisdom and power. O that I could have devised a way for them before they fell so low!

15. Sue called the Council and his own hosts from labor to recreation for one day, and the people mingled together rejoicing; for of the ethereans with the hosts of Sue were many who had been earth-born, many thousands of years before, and their assurance of the emancipated heavens above had greater weight with the atmosphereans than anything that others could say. Then Sue and his hosts visited the earth and her heavens; and after that returned again to Hored.

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