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Book of Sue, Son of Jehovih


Chapter I

1. JEHOVIH spake in the gardens of Atahavia, precinct of Sue, Orian Chief, in the etherean firmament, saying: Sue, My son, what of the red star, the far-off earth? Behold, her harvests are blighted; she is become barren in imparting immortal souls to My unending realms.

2. Sue heard the voice, and he said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, will I summon my Gods of Hoit and Izaracha.

3. Swift messengers departed; and Sue, quick-perceiving God of two worlds in the etherean Seamar, foresaw the importance of the coming red star. He said: This, with my Gods of Hoit and Izaracha, who will come in swift speed, shall be the second deliverance.

4. Then came Le Wing, God of Hoit; and presently, Sivian, Goddess of Izaracha, and they stood before Jehovih's throne. Sue said:

5. Jehovih hath spoken. Behold, the red star bringeth forth nor sons nor daughters more to Jehovih's realms. She is weak, unstrung, and out of tune, and cometh this way. And I said:

6. In Thy power and wisdom, O Jehovih, will I visit the red star! Six years I will stand on her soil, and course her heaven; and such potency give to her confused Gods and Lords as will make a thousand millions sing for joy. To accompany me, I have called you. Behold, I have charts and maps of her heaven and her corporeal parts; and a history of her, as yet, young adventures in the field of worlds.

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7. Then spake Le Wing and Sivian, saying: To do Jehovih's will and thine, behold, we are come to thee. Give us to fulfill whatsoever thou wilt.

8. To the swift messengers Sue said: Ye have heard; go proclaim throughout my etherean worlds my will; and summon up from Ithyivius a hundred million skilled volunteers. When the red star shall cross the wing of Izaracha, we will go forth in power, and land on her troubled parts in a sea of golden light.

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