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Chapter IX

1. WHEN the time came, God called his proper officers, and they proclaimed his presence, whereupon the people came to order. And God said:

2. Even as it was before the submersion, so shall it now be, and ye shall fill the same places even as before, every one to the place provided. Nevertheless, from this time forth, all work in heaven and earth shall be new, and as if nothing had been. Let my Lords and their attendants, and their ashars, prepare for their departure; and from such other volunteers as have come into my kingdom they shall receive as they desire, and be assigned to labor suited to them, whether it be with mortals or with spirits in the first resurrection.

3. And to my marshals, messengers and asaphs: Hear ye the word of your God, which is that ye proceed throughout atmospherea, selecting and appropriating all suitable places for the spirits of the dead; and that ye apportion builders and workmen, and erect p. 87 factories, and schools, and hospitals, and nurseries, and all other suitable places, adapted to receiving those of the first resurrection, as is done in all atmospherean heavens, and all who are thus received shall be called es'yans for the first five years; but after that they shall be called es'seans, signifying having separated from corporeal desire, being full residents of the es world. But those who will not become es'seans, being the spirits of Druk-mortals and hard bound to the earth, shall be called druj, signifying wandering spirits of darkness and of evil; and those who engraft themselves on mortals shall be called fetals, signifying sucklings, and these names shall continue in heaven and on earth to the end of the world.

4. Wherein ye may perceive the fault of leniency of the Gods and Lords of old, be ye circumspect in these times; for never more shall the rod of water chasten the living earth.

5. When God thus completed all his commandments, and the people were ready to depart, the es'enaurs and trumpeters sang and played a hymn adapted to the new heaven and new earth; and when this was finished, Aph, Son of Jehovih, spake, saying:

6. Behold the light of the high heaven opens. Thy Son, O Jehovih, longeth for a great labor. I go on a journey farther than ten thousand suns. Fiatisi, Thy Daughter, O Jehovih, and Goddess of a thousand worlds, hath set apart to join two corporeal stars in a far-off heaven, whereon a thousand millions shall be delivered into spirit life in a single day. With her, by Thy Will and Power, O Jehovih, I go! But yet let not these, Thy Gods and Lords and all their hosts, surmise I will forget one single soul of all that are here. And when the next dan appeareth, behold, I will return to them to enjoy a portion of their sweet love. Aph is done.

7. And now the Chief descended and sat at the foot of the throne, and God, suffused with tears, came down and took his hand, saying: Behold, he who is greatest maketh himself least of all. Arise, O Aph, Son of Jehovih, and crowned IMMORTAL GOD OF THE ARC OF NOE, SON OF THE ALMIGHTY, arise and go thy way.

8. So Aph rose up, and shaking hands with God and his Lords, descended to the borders beyond the foot of the pillars of fire, and his hosts with him, being ten millions in number, where the proper persons had in readiness an ascending otevan with wings, wherein they all entered.

9. At a given signal the otevan started upward, but toward the east, and, swift as a shooting star, it sped forth, and presently disappeared in the distance.

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