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p. 749

Chapter XIX


1. ES said: Now, whilst the Holy Council were still sitting in Paradise, a light, like a star, came, and stood above the throne of God. And the Voice came out of the light, saying:

2. Behold, the false Gods are cast out, and sent unto their places.

3. Never more shall there be any other false God, or Lord, or Savior, to lead my people away.

4. I am sufficient unto Mine own creations.

5. Let this, therefore, be the beginning of the kosmon era.

6. My people have settled the whole earth around, from east to west; the lands on the western borders of Guatama have become inhabited.

7. Go, then, My God, My Son, open the gates of heaven unto mortals.

8. Let My angels meet them, and talk with them, face to face.

9. Behold, My etherean embassadress, Che'sivi'anathaotes, cometh in a sea of fire!

10. The ships of the etherean Goddess were seen descending from the higher heavens, coming as an open ring, to embrace the whole earth.

11. Again, the Voice spake out of the light, saying:

12. I know no distinctions of men, of races, or sects, or doctrines, or past revelations. All people are My people!

13. Open the gates of heaven; let my angels speak to mortals!

14. Swifter and swifter came the etherean archangels, till all the heavens of Paradise were encircled in the love of the Almighty.

15. Then, God called out the legions who had the matter in charge, where mortals had been born for the work of Jehovih's kingdom. And God said:

16. Open the gates of heaven; let the angels of heaven speak with mortals; the time of the Father's kingdom is at hand!

17. Open the gates of heaven! Let the angels come forth in power!

18. And in Hidesville, in Guatama, on the earth, the angels opened the door in Jehovih's name, to be not closed again forever, forever!

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