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Book of Ah'shong, Son of Jehovih


Chapter I

1. WHEN God and his Lords of heaven and earth had lost their heavenly dominion, the swift messengers, that constantly ply through the atmospherean and etherean worlds, bore the report to Jehovih's kingdom in etherea.

2. The earth had passed the ji'ayan eddies at Shrapah, in the etherean roadway Hi-a-balk'yiv, and was heading for the eastern fields of Anakaron, having entered the dan'haian arches of Vehetaivi, where lay the great kingdoms of the Orian Chief, Hieu Wee, with his millions of Gods and Goddesses and high-raised ethereans.

3. Before Hieu Wee, came the swift messengers, fresh from the heavens of the earth, with their pitiful tales of woe that had befallen the inhabitants thereof.

4. Hieu Wee said: I behold the red star, the earth, O Jehovih! I have heard the tale of horror. What shall be done, O Father?

5. Then spake Jehovih, saying: Call thy tributary Chief, Ah'shong. Let him hear the will of Jehovih!

6. Then sent Hieu Wee for Ah'shong, who had dominion over the fields of Anakaron in etherea, through which lay the roadway where the earth was to travel for three thousand years.

7. And when Ah'shong came before the Holy Council of Hieu Wee's million Gods and Goddesses, the All Light fell upon the throne like a sun; and the voice of the Creator spake in the midst of the light, saying:

8. Hieu Wee, My son! and Hieu Wee answered: Here am I, Thy servant, O Jehovih!

9. Jehovih said: Behold the red star, the earth; she entereth the fields of Anakaron. She is dripping wet and cold in the ji'ayan eddies. Her God and Lords are powerless in the spell of darkness. Send thou thy son, Ah'shong, to deliver the earth and her heavens. For behold, I will bring them to his door.

10. Then spake Ah'shong, saying: Thy will be done, O Jehovih. Though I have been long honored in etherea, with many etherean worlds to command, I have not as yet redeemed one corporeal world and her heavens from a time of darkness.

11. Jehovih said: Go then, My Son, to the laboring earth and deliver her; but first appoint thou a successor for Anakaron.

12. Then spake Hieu Wee, who was older than the red star, who had seen many corporeal worlds created; had seen them run their course, and then disappear as such. He said to Ah'shong:

13. Send thou to Wan, and to Hivigat, in etherea, and get the history of the earth and her heaven; and obtain thou also an account of her harvests of Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih. And thou shalt call from my realms as many million etherean angels as thy labor may require, and with them proceed to the earth, and thou shalt have a line of swift messengers established betwixt this place and thine, and, by the power of Jehovih, I will answer thy prayers in whatsoever thou shalt need.

14. Then Ah'shong went back to Anakaron, his etherean kingdom, and before his Holy Council made known Jehovih's will and his. And Ah'shong called for sixty million volunteers, to go with him on his mission; and they came presently: Some from Yohan; some from T'seing; some from Araith; some from Gon Loo, and from various other places in Anakaron; came in millions; came as many as Ah'shong called for.

15. So Ah'shong raised up a successor to Jehovih's throne in Anakaron, and he was installed and crowned according to the discipline of the etherean heavens.

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16. And Ah'shong sent swift messengers into the former roadway of the earth to obtain its history; its harvests of Brides and Bridegrooms.

17. Then gazed Ah'shong toward the red star; and his sixty million volunteers also gazed, and watched her as she coursed along in the arches of Vehetaivi.

18. Thus Ah'shong, well skilled in the course and behavior of worlds, gathered together his millions of angels, trained in arduous enterprise and furtherance of Jehovih's will. Quickly they framed and equipped an Orian port-au-gon, and illuminated it with fire-lights and bolts. And these sons and daughters of Jehovih embarked and sped forth. A half a million miles, even on the outskirts of Anakaron, and they stood close above the earth, almost so near that the sweeping moon would touch the down-hanging curtains of etherean fire. And here they halted, that both mortals and angels belonging to the earth might behold and fear; for such Jehovih made man, by unusual sights, to become weak and trembling, to change him to new purposes.

19. Jehovih's voice spake to Ah'shong, saying: For three days and nights stand thou in the firmament that man on earth and in atmospherea may behold the power and majesty of My chosen in heaven.

20. Ah'shong said: On the fourth day, O Jehovih, I will cross Chinvat; on the fifth, descend toward the earth. Bring me, O Father, Thy messengers from the lower heaven. I will converse with them.

21. Jehovih sent the angels of the earth and lower heaven up to Ah'shong; disheartened they came, to know Jehovih's will.

22. Ah'shong said unto them: The Father's hosts are come from their high estate and glorious ease, to redeem these fallen heavens, and man on the earth. It is our labor to come in love to the helpless, and teach them how to sing in Jehovih's praise. Then the swift messengers answered:

23. In the All Person's boundless love, find thou recompense for thy holy words, most honored God. Down in darkness, long and earnestly, have the Lords of earth labored conjointly with heaven's God, whose kingdom fell. Alas, our God, who ministered over the lower heaven, is crushed and humiliated. The enemies of high heaven, exulting in their spoil of Jehovih's kingdom and His name, mock us, saying: Where now is Jehovih? Whence cometh the Higher Light? O ye Faithists in an All Person boundless!

24. But now thy high-shining sun, thy ship of etherean fire, maketh the sons and daughters of the earth and her heaven look, and fear, and tremble. And when thy Light appeared we made all haste in hope of succor. Our souls are more than filled with thankfulness; and in Jehovih's name, we will back and employ a million trumpeters to proclaim around the earth and heaven: JEHOVIH IS COME!

25. After due salutation the swift messengers departed; and Ah'shong made all things in readiness for his descent when the proper time should arrive.

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