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Chapter VII

1. ESFOMA said: I am the signs of the times.

2. By my face the prophets foretell what is to be.

3. I am the living mathematics; the unseen progress of things speaking to the senses of man.

4. My name is: THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES.

5. Why have ye, the inhabitants of the earth, and ye angels of the heavens, not beholden me in my march?

6. I called out in the days of the pyramids: O ye kings and mighty ones! Behold the signs of the times!

7. And ye men of great learning, give ear; a voice speaketh in the wind!

8. Behold, Osiris and Isis shall go down. Anubi shall not judge the people of the Almighty!

9. I sent a storm into colleges of learning; the wise professors held up their heads and said:

10. I doubt the person of Osiris! I doubt Isis! Are they merely a principle?

11. The prophets looked here and looked there. They said: Behold the signs of the times! Let us measure the increase in the growth of skepticism to these ancient Gods.

12. They said: Osiris shall go down; and so shall Isis and Anubi, and Baal, and Ashtaroth, and Thammus.

13. But kings heard not; they called their councils for stern legislation.

14. They saw, but denied my person and the power of my hand.

15. Man calleth out: Give me a key for prophecy. Show me the way to find the destiny of Gods and angels and mortals.

16. Show me the key for the rise and fall of nations and empires.


Plate 35.--LO'IASK.

The position of the earth that led to the building of the Chinese Wall. It came to pass in those days, that the spirit of the Father dwelt in mortals, and they were turned away from the shedding of blood. And when the earth came into Lo'iask, in etherea, His etherean angels penetrated the darkness and inspeired the chosen of China to build a wall to protect themselves from destruction. And a wall was built, the greatest on the whole earth. Johovih said: Since these, my chosen people, have achieved the age of peace on earth, let them shut themselves in, away from the barbarians without, and they shall endure as a secluded people till the coming of kosmon. And it was so.


17. Then I come forth over all the land. Man beginneth to doubt, then to disbelieve, and then to deny the popular Gods and Saviors of his forefathers.

18. They will not see which way the wind bloweth; with strong arms and bloody hands they raise up against Jehovih.

19. Then they go down in destruction; they and their Gods are known no more.

20. Jehovih hath said: All things are like a tree; which springeth up from a p. 554 little seed to become mighty; which beareth fruit for a season, and then falleth and is turned to dust.

21. One by one My Gods, and My false Gods, rise up and are powerful for a season, and then are swept away in Esfoma's hands.

22. Behold My thousands of Saviors, which I have sent to raise up the inhabitants of the earth. Where are they this day?

23. I give to mortals Gods and Lords and Saviors; according to the time and place of the earth in My ethereans, so, bestow I them.

24. But when they have fulfilled their time, lo, I take away their Gods and Lords and Saviors. Not suddenly, nor without signs of the times of their going.

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