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Chapter XXXI

1. MY brothers and my sisters, in the name of the Great Spirit, hear me: These are Chine's last words, for the Father calleth me. Be ye attentive, that ye may remember my sermon; be also considerate, for I am no more nor less than one of you.

2. I was sent into the world to wall this great people around with Jehovih's hand. I have made you an exclusive people for three thousand years to come. I give unto you peace and liberty; I have drawn a veil over the bloody past, and taught you to love and respect one another.

3. Chine'ya shall become the most numerous nation in all the world; this is the miracle of the Father unto you. On the foundation I have given you, shall your doctrines be henceforth forever.

4. Be ye watchful against Gods (Josses) and Saviors, and especially wary of spirits of the dead who profess not the Great All Person.

5. All such are instigators of war and lust after earthly things.

6. Be ye exclusive unto one another; suffering not outside barbarians to come amongst you, especially to marry with my people.

7. Yet ye shall not war against them.

8. But it is lawful for you to build walls around about, to keep them away. And these walls shall stand as the Father's judgment against all people who molest you or injure you.

9. And every change of the moon ye shall renew your covenant, which was my covenant, with Jehovih.

10. Teaching it to your children, and p. 540 commanding them to teach it to theirs after them, and so on forever!

11. Swearing ye unto the Great Spirit to ignore all heavenly rulers but the Creator, the I AM who is everywhere.

12. And though idolaters come amongst you, proclaiming their God, or their Lord, or their Savior, hearken not unto them. But nevertheless, persecute them not, nor injure them, for they are in darkness.

13. Neither be ye conceited over them; for your forefathers were like unto them.

14. The Father hath made a wide world, and fruitful and joyous, and He giveth it unto man's keeping.

15. Unto one people one country; unto another people another country, and so on, all the world over.

16. Chine'ya He giveth unto you, and He saith:

17. Be ye as brothers and sisters in this, My holy land.

18. Which in the ancients days was made to bloom as a flowery kingdom by my chosen, the Faithists of old.

19. But they were neglectful of My commandments.

20. Idolaters came upon them and destroyed them, and laid waste their rich fields; yea, the bones of My people were strewn over all the land.

21. But ye are now once more delivered, and ye shall make Chine'ya bloom again as My celestial kingdom.

22. And ye shall multiply, and build, and plant, and make this heritage, which I give unto you, as an example unto all peoples, of industry and peace and thrift.

23. And of the multitude that can dwell in one kingdom, manifesting love, patience and virtue.

24. And by your neglect of war and of war inventions, ye shall be a testimony of my presence in this day.

25. For the time shall surely come when I will put down all unrighteousness, and war, and idolatry, and I will be the All Person unto the whole world.

26. Chine hath spoken; his last words are spoken. Jehovih's ship of fire descendeth from His highest heaven!

27. Chine will rise up in this; and even so shall ye who are pure and good and full of love.

28. A light, like a great cloud, but brilliant, blinding with holy light, descended over all the field where the multitude were.

29. Many fell down in fear; and many cried aloud in great sorrow.

30. Then Chine went and kissed Te-zee, and immediately walked toward the midst of the field, and was lost in the exceeding great light.

31. And the light turned around like a whirlwind, and rose up, higher and higher, and then was seen no more.

32. Chine was gone!

33. And now were manifested the power and glory of Jehovih. Te-zee at once made special laws protecting all persons who rejected Gods, Lords and Saviors, but worshipped the All Light (Jehovih). Four other kings followed with the same edicts and laws.

34. The Faithists were safely delivered into freedom throughout Chine'ya.

[Thus end the revelations of the three contemporaneous Sons of Jehovih, Capilya, Moses and Chine.]


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