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Chapter XL

1. IN Vara-pishanaha Ahura had now toiled nearly two thousand years with his people, who for a great part had been drujas, but were now high in the grades. Of them, more than two thousand millions had been raised into light; had become Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih, and had been delivered into the etherean worlds.

2. But Ahura suffered not his dominions to be depleted, but did after the manner of God in Craoshivi, and sent down to hada and to the earth and gathered in, both the fallen angels of De'yus and his false Gods, and also the chaotic and foul-smelling spirits, wild and frenzied, and avengeful; and Ahura had them brought to Vara-pishanaha and there treated, and nursed and restored and put to school and to factories, and taught and developed; hundreds of millions of them becoming bright, wise and of great love and power.

3. God sent to Ahura, saying: Greeting to thee in the name of Jehovih. Because of the coming darkness which will soon press upon atmospherea from every quarter, and the trials that will be put upon Gods and angels, let us unite our heavenly kingdoms! Let us bring our plateaux together, and thy kingdom shall be my kingdom, and mine shall be thine; and one of us shall be manager in heaven, and the other shall descend to hada and to the earth, when the great darkness is on.

4. To this Ahura replied: Greeting to thee, God of the heavens of the earth, and with love and most high reverence. There is wisdom in thy design. I will do with thee whatsoever thou demandest, to fulfill this great work.

5. So God, of Craoshivi, and Ahura, brought their forces to bear on their respective plateaux, to unite them. And this was the proceeding, for their places were two thousand miles apart, to the east and south-west; and the one, Vara-pishanaha, seven thousand miles below Craoshivi:

6. For the coming pressure would drive them both down near the earth's surface; to steer Vara-pishanaha to the eastward, would bring one over the other; and to lower the grade of Craoshivi would bring the twain in contact. And the inhabitants of both dominions were so high in power and wisdom that their presence was higher than the place they inhabited. So that the element of the plateaux was all that was required to be moved.

7. To find the power required, and to arrange the ranks for the proceeding, God appointed officers and set them to work, and the officers reported back that the work could be completed in twelve years. And Ahura united with God; and there were engaged in this labor three thousand million angels. And they made a bridge betwixt the two plateaux, and it so connected them that millions of angels could pass and repass objectively whilst the work was going on.

8. Yet God's labors and Ahura's labors in receiving the spirits of the earth, of the Faithists, and of others from the regions of hada, ceased not, lagged not. Their thousands of otevans sailed the heavens along in every way, gathering in the unfortunate.

9. And now that the self-Gods in hada had quarreled amongst themselves and separated, De'yus' blockade was broken of its own accord. His mighty standing army against Jehovih's believers had melted away; and the otevans sped hither and yonder unmolestedly. And they gathered in p. 427 many a thousand; yea, tens of thousands, of De'yus' highest raised angels. The lowest would not come; they had been taught to hate with vengeance Jehovih and His worshippers; to look upon all ills as from Jehovih; to look upon all good delights and blessings as the gifts of De'yus, the Lord their God.

10. Suffice it to say, in twelve years' time the great heavens, Craoshivi and Vara-pishanaha, were united and become as one place. And there was a time of rejoicing and delight; great recreation and communion; great rites and ceremonies, and worshipping and rejoicing before Jehovih.

11. Already was the pressure of ji'ay upon the heavens and the earth. Hored was fast falling toward the earth; De'yus' highest raised had already gone; his kingdom was becoming a kingdom of fools and idlers, a most dangerous class when once want and starvation come upon them.

12. De'yus, still stubborn, and, withal, hoping for a change from some cause he saw not, had now no longer time to quarrel with his truant Gods, but from day to day, hour to hour, was kept at the full strain to avert the threatened doom.

13. Meanwhile, the false Gods, his own one-time pupils, were now heaping into his distracted kingdom millions and millions of drujas, who had been taught on the earth that all that was required of them was to call on the Savior, Anubi, and the Lord God, and that when they died they would go straight to glory to dwell on the holy hill of the Lord God. And these poor creatures the self-Gods now applauded, helping them on, saying: Yea, go on; your Savior, Anubi, will open the gate and pass you in. Henceforth, forever, ye shall do nothing but bow to De'yus.

14. And these spirits of darkness, like idiots, were bowing all the time, day and night, doing nothing but bowing, and saying: Blessed Anubi! He can save me! Glory to the Lord our God! Then they would begin again: Blessed Anubi! My Savior! Glory be to De'yus! For this was all they knew; neither would they hear nor see else; they were as wild people; with outbursting eyes, looking for Anubi; looking for De'yus; but bowing incessantly in all directions; millions of them, tens of millions; delirious angels!

15. Anubi gave up his place in consequence, and in fear of them; and his heavenly city was like a house without a keeper, where throngs go in and out, around about, forever shouting: O my blessed Savior, Anubi! Glory be to the Lord God.

16. But Anubi was with the false Lord God, striving to help him find some means of escape or safety.

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