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p. 370

Chapter XXVIII

1. God said: Be wise, O man, in the words of thy God. My records come not up out of the ground, nor from the books of mortals.

2. I open my heavenly libraries, and find my living sons and daughters who once trod the earth.

3. Their light I recast down again to mortals in a stream of fire, and lo, my words are rewritten.

4. Search thou for the evidence of my footsteps on the earth; find the people who stand by the Creator, the All One, God of All! Who can shake their faith, or feed them with thy story of a Savior born of woman?

5. Hearken to the voice of the millions of Chine'ya and Vind'yu, and the remnants of the Algonquins! Their bibles are a power to this day. Their people are appalled at the work of thy bloody sword.

6. They will not fall down and worship as thou decreest; they know that Jehovih is mightier than thou.

7. Be thou considerate of all the races of men, and their doctrines and rites and ceremonies.

8. Behold, I raise up the nations of the earth in mine own way. According to the times and conditions of mortals, so do I deal unto them from my heavenly kingdoms.

9. Thou hast tried on all my people, to convert them, but hast failed utterly. Behold, I come now with a new book; and they will accept it from my hand.

10. Herein do I prophesy to thee, beforehand, that thou shalt witness in time to come, that I, God of heaven and earth, have spoken.

11. Nor shalt thou say: Man of himself progresseth; and that such and such would come of a natural order.

12. I say unto thee, man progresseth not, save by me, through my angel hosts in heaven.

13. In testimony of which I have left many peoples before thee, for hundreds of years. Thy natural order is laziness and uncleanness. Wherein thou art quickened in spirit, behold, it is the heavens upon thee that stirreth thee up.

14. Thou shalt not mistake the teaching of thy God; which was manifested the same in the ancient days as in this day: Which is, to worship thy Creator only; to bow not down to any other God nor Lord; to love thy neighbor, and to do good unto others with all thy wisdom and strength, having faith in the Almighty!


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