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Book of Osiris, Son of Jehovih


Chapter I

1. NOW came Osire, Son of Jehovih. To him, on his throne in Lowtsin, an ethereal world, where his reign a hundred thousand years had illumined many a corporeal star, came the Voice, Great Jehovih, Spirit over all, saying:

2. Osire! Osire: My Son: Forth from these immortal worlds, and grasp the perishable earth in its debauched flight; and proclaim, with uplifted rod, thyself The One, the commanding God. As an indulgent father treads softly by his infant son, guiding him tenderly, and with wholesome advice, so have I, through My Gods and Chiefs, the red star coaxed along for many, many thousands of years. But as a wise father turneth to his truant son, of later years, commanding, thou shalt or shall, so now do I, through thee, My Godly son, stretch My hand over the earth and her heavens.

3. Deep-buried she lieth, in anarchy, and by false Gods and false Lords, in war despoiling her heavens, and casting down on the troubled earth her millions of spirits of darkness, glutting themselves in crime. As driftwood, on a surging sea, now riseth high on towering waves, and quickly plungeth down in the roaring waters, to rise and fall, and repeat forever the ceaseless struggle, so do the spirits of the dead, of earth, rise in heaven to be plunged back again in unending toil and darkness, on the low earth.

4. Where toil and struggle My most p. 142a holy God and his Lords, powerless to divert the terrible heedlessness of men and angels. Osire heard Jehovih's voice, and summoned swift messengers, well trained in the rise and fall of worlds, and bade them go to the red star, the earth, in masterly speed, a million strong, and survey the affairs of mortals and spirits, and quickly report back to Jehovih's throne, in Lowtsin, promising succor to God and his Lords of earth.

5. The swift messengers, with an arrow-ship, such as Gods, for speed and light work, use to accomplish Jehovih's will, shot forth through the ji'ay'an fields of darkness, midway between the Serpent's coils, and were soon deep hidden in the whirling atmosphere of the warring earth. Meantime, Osire called to council about Jehovih's throne, long-risen Gods and Goddesses, and told the Voice's words, that stirred his soul with compassion for those but recently quickened to life by the Creator's breath, who persisted in burrowing their souls down in hada, heedless of the call and persuasion of a loving God and Lords.

6. Jehovih's light overspread the Lowtsin throne of Osire, and curtained round the stars, the Gods and Goddesses, with the full history of the earth and her heavens, so that all were clear to comprehend His Almighty Wisdom. Yet not one was moved with haste to answer; for scenes like these were their daily deliberation concerning the countless millions of stars dotting the firmament. And then, slowly, one at a time, the speakers, each a representative of a thousand Gods and Goddesses, gave utterance to Jehovih's light from their respective seats.

7. And when the multitude had spoken, and Osire, charged with the wisdom of all, perceived from human souls how the light matched his own, as to him Jehovih spake, his first sphere of commandant God, stood plain before him. And then he rose up, and stood in the throne of Jehovih, mantled in white, like one new illumined with a great change in his long life's administration.

8. To Gods and Goddesses, he spake: Give ear, for now the vail of the arc of Se'ing upraises before our hallowed shrine. As step by step, all things advance by Jehovih's will, and new roadways in etherea open up fields unexplored by traveling stars; so onward, step by step, our own endless realm takes the course of manhood in its giant strides. By you have the worlds of corpor and es been blessed for hundreds of thousands of years! p. 143a Your busy scenes in an old routine change now to higher advent, and an Orian arc cometh anon.

9. As an oscillating star feedeth itself with a change of seasons, so hath Jehovih coursed the wave of His traveling Serpents to give our etherean realms an endless life, diversified by change of scenes and constant surprises, the glory of the soul.

10. As thus Osire, the Mighty, with a soul full of words, engraved by Jehovih's hand, discoursed on the glories awaiting the high worlds, where he and his brother Gods and archangels dwelt in the All Perfect, there came back, hastening, as with Omnipotence impelled, the swift messengers from the slow earth, with their etherean arrow-ship shooting like a meteor on fire. Then came Hagan, spokesman of the messengers, before Jehovih's throne, his mantle turned back, and his eyes radiant with sure knowledge, saluting in Jehovih's sign and name. He said:

11. O Osire, Jehovih's Son, and ye Gods and Goddesses, as the All Light gave Voice to our far-seeing God of Lowtsin, so stand I here to corroborate, in Jehovih's name. The day of sweet persuasion to the earth-born, and their countless angels down in darkness, is done. Lo, the race, the Ghans, planned by Jehovih from the foundation of the world, now standeth triumphant on the earth. As Jehovih led the I'hins in paths fortuitous, by gentle words and love, but left them not strong before the warring elements, so hath He created upon the earth the masters who shall subdue it, to the triumph of Gods.

12. Not like lambs are the Ghans, but lions untamed, born conquerers, with seed to learn and reason toward all things, faith in mastery, but not faith in Jehovih. As a man having two sons, the one low-strung and passionless, the other in ceaseless mischief and desire for havoc, because of the fullness within, so stand the twain, the I'hins and the Ghans, on the earth. And when they die, and enter heaven, the first, the I'hins, go like lambs, as they are directed; but the second, the Ghans, still full of inherent stubbornness and self-will, unheed the God and Lords, and mock at them. Back to the earth these well-formed and stately souls come, and set up heavenly kingdoms of their own, in darkness, and fain pursue with most relentless zeal their former enemies.

13. By their loud clamor and inspiring acts, they break up the weak Lords' kingdoms and despoil them p. 144a of subjects, proclaiming heaven and earth free to all. Whereby, even hapless souls in the lower heaven have been pursuaded to fly from the hospitals and nurseries back to mortals, and there fasten themselves as fetals, shutting up their eyes against all further light.

14. So, mortals have given themselves up to doing the wills of the spirits of darkness, making spoil and desolation a holiday.

15. We then came to God, Jehovih's Son, whose throne lieth in Gau, and he said: Take this message to Osire, Jehovih's Son, God of Lowtsin: Greeting, in the Father's name. Behold, the arc of Se'ing is at hand. Send thou, O God, a ship, and deliver my hosts, four thousand millions. With that, and in due salutation, we hastened hither.

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