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Scanned at Feb-June 2001
Title Page
Table of Contents
The Trial Of Lovers: or The Maiden Of Mátsaki And The Red Feather
The Youth And His Eagle
The Poor Turkey Girl
How The Summer Birds Came
The Serpent Of The Sea
The Maiden Of The Yellow Rocks
The Foster-Child Of The Deer
The Boy Hunter Who Never Sacrificed to The Deer He Had Slain: or The Origin Of The Society Of Rattlesnakes
How Áhaiyúta And Mátsailéma Stole The Thunder-Stone And The Lightning-Shaft
The Warrior Suitor Of Moki
How The Coyote Joined The Dance Of The Burrowing-Owls
The Coyote Who Killed The Demon SÍuiuki: or Why Coyotes Run Their Noses Into Deadfalls
How The Coyotes Tried to Steal The Children Of The Sacred Dance
The Coyote And The Beetle
How The Coyote Danced with The Blackbirds
How The Turtle Out Hunting Duped The Coyote
The Coyote And The Locust
The Coyote And The Ravens Who Raced Their Eyes
The Prairie-Dogs And Their Priest, The Burrowing-Owl
How The Gopher Raced With The Runners Of K'iákime
How The Rattlesnakes Came To Be What They Are
How The Corn-Pests Were Ensnared
Jack-Rabbit And Cottontail
The Rabbit Huntress And Her Adventures
The Ugly Wild Boy Who Drove The Bear Away From South-Eastern Mesa
The Revenge Of The Two Brothers On The Háwikuhkwe, Or The Two Little Ones And Their Turkeys
The Young Swift-Runner Who Was Stripped Of His Clothing By The Aged Tarantula
Átahsaia, The Cannibal Demon
The Hermit Mítsina
How The Twins Of War And Chance, Áhaiyúta And Mátsailéma, Fared With The Unborn-Made Men Of The Underworld
The Cock And The Mouse
The Giant Cloud-Swallower
The Maiden The Sun Made Love To, And Her Boys: Or The Origin Of Anger