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A corner of Zuñi: photograph by Edward S. Curtis

Frank Hamilton Cushing on Zuñi Religion

Frank Cushing (1857-1900), was one of the first anthropologists to study the Zuñi. Eventually he was initiated into the highest levels of the Zuñi religion.

Zuñi Folk Tales [1901] This is a superb collection of Zuñi folk tales.

This is a selection of excerpts from his writings.

Outline of Zuñi Mytho-Sociologic Organization
Zuñi Fetiches
Remarks on Shamanism
Form and Form and the Dance Drama
Corn Raising: The Decay of the Seed
Corn Raising: The Regeneration of the Seed
Clowns, Priests, and Festivals of the Kâ'-kâ
Creation and the Origin of Corn