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p. 128

Heron and Fox

IN THE DAYS when animals talked proper Yaqui, a fox and a heron formed an intimate friendship.

The fox, in order to show her sharpness and wit, said to the heron one day, "Do come and visit me tomorrow."

"I will," answered the heron.

The following day the heron flew to the foot of a little hill where the fox had her cave. "Come in, my friend," said the fox. "Sit down. I am going to serve you a little something," and she brought out a flat stone which was very smooth, and spread a thin coat of atole on top of it.

"Eat with me," said the fox. The heron began to peck at the rock, but could not get anything into her mouth. The fox licked the rock clean.

Pretending to be satisfied, the heron thanked her hostess. "Tomorrow I am expecting you at my home on the seashore," said the heron.

"Good, I shall go there," answered the fox.

"Well, good bye," said the heron, and she flew away.

The next day the fox got up at dawn. By noon she arrived at her friend's house. "Come in," said the heron, "I am going to give you something." She brought out a big bottle full of oysters and said to her friend, "Let us sit down and eat together."

The fox could not reach a single oyster in the bottle. She could only lick the outside. Meanwhile, the heron put her beak into the bottle and ate all of the oysters.

When the meal was finished, the fox thanked her friend and went away. She was very ashamed.

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