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p. 119

Maisoka and Hima'awikia

MAISOKA was in his house one day and about the time that he stuck his head out of his door, Hima'awikia was walking about. Maisoka said, "Who walks on top of the house of the King?" He said this because he considered himself a king.

Maisoka means tarantula. It is an animal which is black and has a number of legs and a bit of hair. He lives in the ground, making a house in the ground, as do the snakes. He puts a top on his hole, which is the door to his house.

Hima'awikia is an insect with wings. It is a little animal, a bit reddish and it flys. This is he who walked over the home of Maisoka making a noise with his wings, going thus: "rururu."

Maisoka heard the "ronronron" and he stuck his head out and said, "Who is this imposter who walks on the roof of the house of the King?"

"Oh, pardon me, Sir," said Hima'awikia, and Maisoka allowed him to enter his house.

A few minutes later Hima'awikia came out carrying Maisoka between his teeth. It appears unbelievable that Hima'awikia, who is so small, always conquers Maisoka and eats him. Maisoka never escapes from the teeth of Hima'awikia.

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