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p. 111

Jesucristo and San Pedro

JESUCRISTO walked about talking with sick men. When Lazaro was dead, Jesucristo brought him to life.

San Pedro was always envious thinking how sad it was that Jesucristo never charged a fee for his services in curing and bringing people to life. "Oh, how sad," he thought. "If it had been I who cured Lazaro, I should have asked a great deal of money." He was wondering if perhaps he couldn't bring the dead to life as Jesucristo did.

They walked to another pueblo, arriving at an early hour. Jesucristo cured some people there and San Pedro was still hoping that he would charge a little fee.

Jesucristo taught the people about curing. "This herb has the power to cure snake bite," he said. In this way he taught the Yaquis.

San Pedro wanted also to cure as did Jesucristo. By now he had learned all of the prayers and how to gesture as Jesucristo did. One day he

p. 112

hid from the others. He walked to a place where a sick man lived, for he wanted to make a cure all by himself. San Pedro performed something like an operation on this man, making many motions and prayers, and using some cure. The hour came and passed, and San Pedro could not revive the patient. He was frightened. He left, calling on Dios for help with all his heart. He found Jesucristo and said to him, "I need you. I could not revive my patient."

"Very well," said Jesucristo, and he went to the place where the dead man was. He put out his hand and said, "Rise up, José," and the dead man came to life.

San Pedro is always very quick to beg pardon. He asked forgiveness of Jesucristo and of course he was pardoned.

San Pedro did not continue in this capricious way . Now he is very good at curing; but always with the help of Jesucristo. LC

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